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Positive Verbal Communication Feedback Examples List

List of Persuasive Words, Phrases Statements
List of Appreciation Words, Phrases Statements
Here is a list of persuasive words, phrases and statements that you can use to persuade others:-
  1. Supportive
  2. Some-else-also-liked-it
  3. Self phrases
  4. Selling Words
  5. Superlative Adjectives
  6. Soft Words
  7. Specific
  8. Suggesting Solutions
  9. Simple words
  10. So-what, be happy statements
  11. Seeking phrases (Rapport Questions)
  12. Super

Supportive statements


  1. I am there for you
  2. You can rely on me if you have a problem
  3. I will help you if you are not able to achieve it
  4. Call me whenever you are not able to handle it and I will help you

Some-else-also-liked-it Statements


  1. Even my manager liked the way you presented
  2. Last night, I was with my old friends and they were talking about your achievements. Keep up the good work
  3. I think you have lots of fans around. So many people have been talking about your talents.

Self Phrases

List of Persuasive Words, Phrases and Statements with Examples
List of Persuasive words,
Phrases and Statements


  1. I specifically liked that particular slide. It can change my life altogether. thanks
  2. Personally, I liked your approach, even I'm going to follow what you said.
  3. You have made such an impact in my life. Thanks for all your support.

Selling Words

BEST acronym: Best, Easy, Simple, Top are some of the common persuasive adjectives used by most salesperson to sell the features and benefits of the product or service. here are few examples:
  1. That was the best business event ever."
  2. He is the best manager I have ever seen."
  3. I topped in the retail sales for the last quarter and by saving $2000 by initiating customer referral schemes and rewards point concepts.(Verb)
  4. I had 100 percent attendance last year and I was at the top compared all other team

Superlative adjective words

List of Polite, Kind Nice Words, Phrases Examples
List of Polite, Kind Words,
Phrases Examples


  1.     You are most beautiful girl I've ever seen in life
  2.     You are cutest guy in the world I've ever seen
  3.     This the is the best presentations I've ever attended in my life

Soft words

It includes Please, I'm sorry, Thank you, Excuse me how can I help you to name a few.
Language functions is one of the elements of interaction skills and PASTE in a simple mnemonic that helps to remember some nice words. Use of polite words and kind phrases are some of the vital interpersonal skills

PASTE summarizes list of polite kind words and phrases and it stands for:-

1. Please
2. I Agree
3. Sorry
4. Thank you
5. Excuse me

The Word "Please" Tops the List of Polite Kind Words  

Using polite words is as important as projecting an upbeat and friendly tone of voice. This simple kind word, "Please" can do wonders during conversations. It brings politeness and kindness in to the language. Successful sales professionals, eminent corporate trainers and top leaders take conscious effort to use them as often as possible.

How to Avoid Conflict? Say "I Agree" 

Many a times, agreeing with someone is the easiest way to build and retain relationship and some people are very good at it. They know that this feel-good phrase, "I agree" can bring more comfort and openness during a hot conversation to avoid conflict and disturbances.

"I am Sorry" is One of the Top Verbal Communication Skills that Work

Someone rightly said, "It is both what you say, and how you say it". A genuine, "I am Sorry", phrase shows that the person has understood the situation and likes to change himself/herself. It is one of the nicest phrases one can use with managers, colleagues and team members . This magic word simply says "I like to correct or change myself".

"Thank You" Still Rules the World of Good Phrases

This is one nice word that can be used in almost all situations. Though it is a simple phrase, one must consciously make an effort to use them as often as possible and can expect positive results in human behavior almost immediately. This kind word adds respect and friendliness once it is used along with pleasing tone of voice.

This Polite Phrase "Excuse Me" is a Basic Corporate Etiquette

This kind word is used for two reasons. One, during involuntary human behaviors such as sneeze, cough, yawn or hiccups. Two, when a person wants to interrupt or stop an ongoing conversation. This magic word is often used during business meetings, corporate training or sales presentations.

Other than having a good technical competence, traits like soft skills, behavioral skills and people skills plays equal roles at work place. PASTE is one the mnemonic devices examples, which can help business executives at all levels, to recollect the polite words and kind phrases and remind how verbal communication skills can change the work atmosphere-both professionally and emotionally.

Specific Phrases

Instead of vaguely saying, "Great job", be specific by saying, "I specially like the way you manage your time at work"

Suggesting Solutions
A Poem by Tina Acharya

Instead of blaming, complaining or  expressing sadness, use words, phrases and statement that can suggest solutions.


Instead of saying, "I've been having lot of troubles in life", say, "First thing, I have to do is work on my health, then molding my professional life..."

Simple words

Use simple words than jargons.


Instead of saying, "Magnificent", say, "It was great". The word, "Great" is easier to understand, and is commonly used that the word, "Magnificent".

So-what-be-happy statements


  1. So what, we still have more opportunity. Look at the positive side
  2. So what, in fact, it is a good news. It is the way we look the things. If you look at positive side, there are so many benefits.

Seeking statements

Asking powerful questions is one of the basics of verbal communication skills; it can bring variety and can make any conversation interesting. Here is a list of questions for sales professionals to build good rapport with their clients:


  1. How did you manage to achieve so many things in such a short duration?
  2. How did you do it? You are simply great.
  3. Did I answer all your questions and queries Mr. ____?
  4. What an interesting statement you made, Ms. ____!
  5. Is'nt that a great idea, Mr. ____?
  6. Did you see how beneficial this product is especially for professionals like you, Ms, _____?
  7. Are there any other good ideas that you like to share with me about your requirement about product?
  8. How long have you been working on this buying decision? I'm sure it would have taken quite a lot of time. Is'nt it?
  9. How beautiful! Where did you learn this stuff?

Super (Compliments)

Compliment words can boost the morale and motivation of a person. Few one word compliments include, Great! Brilliant! Awesome! Excellent! Magnificent! Fantastic! While giving compliments, ensure it is specific, ask people whether they are open to compliments because some people may not be comfortable recieving compliments.

Use of right words is as important as eliminating speech barriers like mother tongue influence and verbal fillers or using advanced communication tools such as figure of speech, effective listening and questioning techniques during an interaction. Use these words consciously until it becomes a habit that imbibes into your personality as a personal value. Whether you are giving compliments to someone or trying to resolve a conflict, motivating a team or influencing your spouse,use PASTE words, however, with right tone, stress, intonation, pitch and rate of speech of voice; show politeness and kindness through this oral communication technique.

Establishing good rapport is one of the essential verbal communication skills while building interpersonal relationships. You should know how to persuade others using right words, phrases, statements and questions.

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