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Types of Apathy Words, Phrases, Sentences and Statements with Examples List

Apathy, also called apathetic or apathic, is one kind of emotion. It is still argumentative whether the opposite of apathy is sympathy or empathy. Let us take an example to understand apathy. Imagine, Your brother rushes into your room, with nervousness and panic, says, "Bro, there is a snake, a cobra, in my room." The way you reach to this situation can be broadly classified into apathy, empathy and sympathy. You say,
Apathy Sentences, Examples and Definition
Apathy Sentences, Examples and Definition
  1. You are apathetic if you say, "I don't care, why are telling this to me. Go tell your dad about it. I working on an important office assignment."
  2. You are sympathetic if you say, "Ho bro, how scary, I'm sorry to hear that, God should help you" 
  3. You are empathetic if you say, "I can see your panic, be bold, come, let's go and see what could be done, let me help you."
None of these behavior is neither right or wrong as it depends on the situation. In fact, you show apathy for several reasons such as it does not concern you, your personal values differs from others, you are not affected by the situation, you have not gone through a similar situation in your life. 

If you have not gone through certain life situations you become apathetic. For example, if you do not know how it pains when there is a cut in the finger using a knife unless you experience this situation. Generally, kids and children are apathic in several situations that adults feel sensitive. That's because, children have not gone through that particular situation. For example, you child will not know how you feel about broken relationship as your kid have never experienced it. So classifying apathy as, "Bad" is being judgemental. 

List of Apathy Sentences

  1. You complain about your headache to your spouse and he/she replies, "So what, what should I do for that, I have an important business phone call now, so do not disturb me". This is because, it doesn't bother your spouse of your headache. But doesn't mean that your spouse doesn't love you. It can still be argued that your spouse is working hard to earn money so that you can lead a comfortable luxurious life. Confusing love and apathy is quite common among many spouses
  2. You tell your boss that you are planning to go on a vacation and your boss replies, "Why are wasting your time, energy and money on unnecessary things like vacations". It is an apathic sentence as the personal values of your boss is different from yours. For you, vacation and entertainment is important while for your boss saving money is important. So both are right and your boss being apathetic is completely acceptable.
  3. One of your two children are badly hurt falling from the terrace and your other child says, "Hahaha, my brother as fallen from terrace and look at him, he is crying like a kid." This behaviour is because, your other child as not gone through the pain in his/her life.

List of apathy words 

  1. Carelessness
  2. Hurt
  3. Emotionless
  4. Hate
  5. Rude
  6. Dishonest
  7. Jealousy

List of apathy Phrases

  1. I don't care
  2. Never mind
  3. That is not my problem
  4. I am not concerned about it
  5. I don't want to hear that....
  6. Keep all that problems with yourself...
  7. You keep disturbing me and I don't want that...
Understanding common human behavior will help build interesting human relationships. An important point to note is that apathy is neither right or wrong. It is just another kind of human behavior, accepting apathetic people can enhance our interpersonal relationships.

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