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Types of Assertive Behaviour with Real Life Examples List

Here is a list of empathy statements for customer service representatives, call center agents who'd like to show empathy over phone, email or in person during various business scenarios:

Empathy Statements Customer Service
Assertive Behavior Real Life Examples

It includes body language, actions and behavior that you possess to customers:
  • I can see that you're looking for someone, can I help you?
  • I can show to you how to operate this device.
  • Do you need some more demonstrations/illustrations on this product?
  • That's fine, I will be with you, assist you until the entire process is completed


Anything to do with auditory, voice and vocal:
  • I can hear that you need some more information, give me a moment, I will help you 
  • I've given all the details that you may be interested in. Do you need more information?
  • I'm listening to you, go ahead and provide the details and I will give you solutions
  • Please note down all the policy details i'm going to read out to you for your convenience


Everything to do with emotions
  • I can understand your situation, give me a moment, I will find a way to this issue.
  • You'll be very happy when I send the complete offer details to your residence address
  • Ninety percent of our customers are satisfied and there has been quite a lot of positive feedback on this product


It is use of art of language skills, the choice of words you use
  • You have nothing to lose
  • Our goal is your complete satisfaction
  • For your convenience, we will send the complete details over email


Spatial reference:
  • Let me come along with you to help you to find your way to the office
  • I will be there at your residence to demonstrate the product
  • We will take you to the place so that you experience all the amenities that are provided in writing of your brochure.


Time reference
  • You'll receive the information in just two days
  • We value your time, that is why we are sending the information immediately.
Whether it a call center or face to face, customer service is all about empathy and compassion you show towards customers by putting yourself in their shoes, understand, feel how they feel and offer help. use these empathy statements to show and express empathy.

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