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I thought, to succeed in life, I've to work hard but it's not true. Sometimes not working hard brings success. Last evening, at a shopping mall, after eating a sweet corn, a small piece of it got stuck inside, between the inner set of my teeth. As this piece was so annoying, I struggled to remove it. First, using the tip of my tongue, I tried pushing the piece upwards, downwards and sideways, but instead of coming out, it got settled even more deeply. So, I decided to try an indecent method; looked around to ensure public is not watching me, I put two of my fingers in my mouth to pull the piece out. But, unfortunately my fingers are not small enough to hold such a small piece. I got frustrated but didn't give up. I borrowed a safety pin from one of my family members, insert it between two teeth but later realized that I'm poking the pin between the gap that is just one tooth away from where the corn piece is actually stuck. Blood came out! not the corn piece! At one point, because of so much effort, my mouth started paining, my tongue dropped, one tooth got wounded, the safety pin bent, and I became tired and gave up. After several hours, the corn piece politely come out of my teeth by itself, settling in the middle of my tongue. That MOMENT! the MOMENT of relief, joy, and freedom. But guess what? to celebrate this happiness, I bite, cut that corn piece into further smaller pieces and ate them ALL!


I'm very happy that the CDs are now replaced with pen drives. I still remember, one of those days, I dropped a CD, by accident, on the floor and when I tried to pick it using one of my one fingers, it slowly started sliding sticking to the floor, instead of getting picked. So, I struggled, use all my 3-4-5 fingers, other hand's fingers, use palms, only to see the CD slide even faster and faster. I got fed up, but came up with a strategy; I thought, I'll slide the CD, take it to one corner of the wall, get grip by pressing the CD against the wall, insert my finger nail along the sides of the CD and pick it. Guess what happened when I did this? Earlier it was sliding across the floor, and now it is sliding, slipping along CORNER the wall. At one point, I gave up and took help of my brother. To my shock, instead of picking the CD, he continued sliding the CD from where I left, covering the other portions of the floor and corners of the wall around the house. That's when I seek God, "Oh god, isn't there a solution AT ALL for this?" Puff...."Pendrive!"


I had been to one of my close relative's marriage last evening. In the marriage hall, I had to smile at many strangers whom I don't even know. For instance, my wife.
Marriages are made in heaven. why don't these couples also make kids in heaven itself so that the earth is saved from over population? I shouldn't be talking about it, though.
My 4 year old son is upset with me. Last evening, while glacing through my marriage photo album, he realized that he is not in it, he said, "Dad, I am upset because you never invited me for your marriage". I said, "Don't worry, I will invite you next time when I get married." He, "Do that, otherwise I will never talk to you"
My three year old son doesn’t seem to understand the concept of marriage. He thinks marriage is all about getting gifts. Recently, we had been to a marriage and he saw the couples getting big boxes of gifts. He turned towards me and said, “Dad, shall we get married? After marriage give all toy gifts to me”
There are certain things in life that are beyond human possibilities. Last evening I was watching my marriage ceremony recorded video. No matter how much I rewind, it stops right on the day of the marriage.
After Marriage, I had two options in life. 1) Be quiet 2) Be quiet. Though, initially, I had tough time choosing one of the above generous options, after serious considerations I opted for the second because the first option is little difficult to live by.
I came across a self-book titled "This book will change your life" and I didn't buy it as my life has already changed after marriage. I can't undergo another catastrophic change in such a short span.


Next time, I'd better not invite my friends home when my 4 year old son is around. Recently, I had invited one of friends and he was astonished looking at my book shelf. He said, "Sridhar, you have a great collection of books". Even before I could respond to his appreciation, my son interrupted, "But he never reads any of those books".

Today is my birthday and I started my day with an embarrassment. One of the my friends called me in the morning to wish me happy birthday but I was in the toilet. So, my son picked the call. My son, "Hello", My friend, "Can I talk to Sridhar. I like to wish him", My son, "He is in the toilet.", My Friend, "When can I call him back?", My Son, "Call him after one hour because he usually takes really long time to come out of the toilet."

I have some friends who curse interestingly. This guy cursed me last evening "May all the hair on your head fall but one and let that one hair grow grey"

I wish I knew mind reading, especially to read my 3 year old son and his friends’s mind. Last evening, I was watching TV, someone poked me from behind; I turned around, and I saw my son and his other five friends sitting with absolutely no expression on their faces. I wish I knew mind reading.
I yelled at 5 of my friends who called me while I was reading the book "how to make friends and keep them all through the life"
I'd better not help my friends anymore. Today, I was inside the office elevator and one of my friend was approaching to get inside the lift. With an intention of keeping the elevator door open, I pressed the close-the-door button. The door closed even earlier than the usual time it was supposed to take.
I'm going to return all the questions of my 4 year old son to himself when he grows up and see how he manages to answer these type of questions. Last evening, "Dad, will you buy me fish and chicken to eat because my friends suggested it is tasty and delicious?", I, "Son, we are vegetarians; fish and chicken are non-vegetarian food", He, "That's ok. buy vegetarian fish and vegetarian chicken"
My friend wants to lose weight. He had a small apple in the morning. He was so proud about it and celebrated his achievement by having a massive three course heavy meal in the afternoon.
One of my friend has this amazing skill of Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time.
The only girl who is always friendly with me is the one who guides me in the elevator. she is always kind enough to say "first floor", "third floor", "ground floor". And the best part is, my wife can't stop her by saying "stop talking to my husband"
Yesterday, I curiously told a lengthy joke to my friend only to realize that he was the person who told me this joke a week ago. Thanks to my memory.
A friend of mine has a peculiar memory power. He remembers everything about a person except their names. I met him last evening and he goes, 'hey...s...well, how is your new role at office suresh.? Sorry sandesh.? Sorry about that, i know that your name starts with 's' but....'


Personally, if you ask, I wouldn't prefer bursting crackers on a Diwali for a simple reason; I'm SCARED and I get hurt! I still remember, those Diwali days of my childhood, when I was about to burst my first atom bomb. That day, I gained courage, had a clear plan on how to burst this atom bomb. I said to myself, "Keep the cracker in the middle of the road, lit it with Agarbathi (usually used to lit Crackers), run on your RIGHT direction into the house, wait for the cracker to burst". So, I kept the cracker on the road, when I tried to touch the tip of the cracker's fuse, because of nervousness and fear, my hand was insanely shaking, and the agarbathi goes left, right, up, down and around the cracker's fuse(tip) but not at the fuse. During this circus, without my knowledge, the atom bomb got lit somehow. That's when my right brain said, "Ok, it's lit, run to your RIGHT direction as per the plan", my nervous middle brain, "But, which is the right direction? I'm little confused" my left brain, "Bro, what is important, directions or your LIFE?", so I ran for LIFE in all directions, stood in a place, closed my ears tightly using my hands, instructed all the passing vehicles, walking pedestrians and everybody around to stop for a while, though one street dog didn't listen to my instructions. It casually walked past the cracker with a matured smiling face that actually meant, "I don't know when you humans would get some courage in life and above all, the cracker is actually not lit at all!" However, all of us patiently waited for sometime and realized that the DOG was actually right. Everybody was upset but I didn't lose hope, I went close to the cracker, inch by inch, still thinking, "What if it bursts?" and then, this time, I actually lit the cracker, ran away, and waited closing both my ears tightly with my hands. The cracker bursted but along with the smoke that is spreading from the atom bomb, I was shocked to see some smoke from my behind too. Guess what? when I tried closing my ears with my hands, the agarbathi's fire lit tip, which was still in my hand, was making tiny holes in my brand new Diwali shirt and was politely burning my shoulder. My dad inspects and says, "Son, we're spending more money buying BURNOL Ointments than buying Diwali crackers."

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