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List of Causative Sentences Verbs in English with Examples

Simply put, causatives are those verbs that cause people, or equipment to do things. To be more precise, in a causative, a person does not do an action directly. The person causes it to happen by making another person to do it. It is yet another set of function words, also called structure words.

Causative verbs list can be recalled using Let God Make us Healthy and Happy mnemonic:-

  1. Let
    List of Causative Verbs in English Examples
    List of Causative Verbs Examples
  2. Get
  3. Make
  4. Have
  5. Help

Read more examples of Causative verbs in English.

Examples of Causative Sentences using Let Verb:

With Let, a person gives permission for another person to do an action.

  1. His father let her go to cinema.
  2. I am letting this equipment cool.
  3. My dad let me use his motorcycle.
  4. Would you let us to watch the movie?

Examples of Causative Sentences using Get Verb:

  1. I want to get the house painted before summer.
  2. We will have to get someone to fix the dishwasher right away.
  3. Let us get some more exchanged for dollars.
  4. Let us get our car fixed first.

Examples of Causative Sentences using Make Verb:

  1. Are you going to make your son work part time in the bakery this Winter?
  2. I can't seem to make this washing machine run.
  3. Professor Philip made us type up our seminar reports.
  4. I made the refrigerator work

Examples of Causative Forms using Have Verb: 

HAVE has even less firmness than GET

  1. My science teacher had us give seminar reports
  2. Tom had a tooth filled.
  3. Have you had your lab reports taken yet?
  4. I like the way you had the team member do the task.
  5. We are going to have our car fixed before we go office.

Note: Both get and have are also used as passive voice. A simple trick to identify the causative passives is, "to" word follows:

  1. I will be made to do the job
  2. I was made to clean the basket.

Examples of Causative Forms using Help Verb: 

With help, a person assists another person to do an action.

  1. He is helping me type my letter.
  2. His wife always helps him do the office task.

Causative verbs are special type of verbs in English and to recall the list simply remember this cute mnemonic Let God Make us Healthy and Happy

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