Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Life Coaching Tips, and Blogging on Blogspot Platform with List of Real Examples Using Creative Mnemonic Devices

Interpersonal Conflict at Work Place Real Life Examples

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Interpersonal Characteristics Examples
Interpersonal Conflicts at Work Place

Mistakes and Ignorance : Everybody makes mistakes, but correcting them is important. For example, when wife is upset on her husband’s behavior, husband, who is a gentleman, must identify his actions and should try to quickly resolve it by changing his behavior. And you can accept your ignorance by saying, "I'm sorry, I do not know about it".
2.     Others' Consideration: Considering others’ feelings, emotions, beliefs and opinions is one of the admiring interpersonal characteristic. For example, a gentle father would consider the aspirations of his son before taking any career decisions on his son’s behalf.
3.     Taboo Words: Almost every parent teach their kids the manners of watching the tongue while using words, phrases, and topics that are related to sexual orientation, disability, or conversations about private parts of the body. This applies to every gentleman. Though, there are no words that are universally considered as taboo, these topics are very risky to openly discuss among majority of the population. Nevertheless, a taboo word is a debatable subject and is subjective.
4.     Intimacy: It is a skill. Obviously, the intimacy level differs from one person to another. You ensure to choose words, phrases, statements that are appropriate to the kind of relationship. For Example: A gentleman may use the phrases, "I love you" to his wife; "I admire your personal characteristics" to his fellow lady colleague at workplace.
5.     Voice: It is an interpersonal skill. Projecting courteous, gracious and respectful voice is required especially during a conflict or a crisis. A proactive person  would quietly solve the issues by looking at practical alternatives to transform the crisis situation. For example, when a customer is shouting at the manager in the business meeting, the manager, who is a gentleman, would proactively listen so that he can solve the issue rather than shouting back at the customer.
6.     Accept People: People not only come from different backgrounds, cultures, traditions and customs but also from different human categories such as age, gender, and sex. You should be aware of this diversity and molds your personality by being flexible, adaptable and adjustable to various kinds of people he comes across in his lifetime. For example, a gentleman should adapt himself to understand and accept his wife well as his mother, who come from different generations, and accept them without being judgmental about their behaviors.
7.     Thankfulness: Being grateful to others who helped him in his growth and success is one the qualities interpersonal attitude. For example, he would always remember to wish his high school teacher "happy birthday" every year as a token of thanks.

8.     Environment: From littering to recycling, You would take cautious steps in applying environmental friendly practices in every action that you do and every decisions you take for a sustainable living.Real life examples of interpersonal skills 

Besides intrapersonal intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, part of life coaching skills, plays vital role in developing fascinating human relationships. It helps in persuading others, show empathy, portray assertiveness, and resolve conflicts to achieve common collaborative goals. There are several training courses available to master the art of interpersonal intelligence. Developing interpersonal intelligence requires patience, perseverance and people minded attitude. Infact, it has become one of the key selection criteria in business, professional and management job interviews in several organizations. Interpersonal intelligence is broadly divided into interpersonal characteristics and interpersonal competencies.

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