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Cure Migraine without medication-Real Life Story

Friend, I was suffering from migraine headache for the past 15 years, I’ve tried several medications and diet. Through my trail and error methods, I’ve fond some profound truths about this headache. Here is my research outcome and results. Remember, you may not get the tips elsewhere in books or internet as I’ve shared my own experience going through this headache, tried finding a solution. Now, it is been 2 years and I’ve completely come out this headache. The below tips may not be proved by science and medicine, the only proof is, “I’VE COMPLETELY GOTTEN RID OF MIGRAINE WITHOUT MEDICATION” these tips could be psychological too:
  1. I SLEEP for minimum 8 hours daily
  2. I try closing all my activities before 8pm, if possible go to bed by 8.30–9pm
  3. My food must contain 40% of protein such as dal, beans etc
  4. EVERY day I take fruits, vegetables. Yes, EVERYDAY
  5. I’ll be in relaxed state of mind no matter what happens to me. I always say this, “All my actions and that happens around me is because of the powers of almighty”. Sometimes we think things are happening because of our efforts, not true, we’re destined to do certain actions. So put your honest efforts and leave it.
  6. I do not sit in front of computer, laptop and mobile phone for more than 1–1/2 hours a day. Yes, you’ve somehow come out of these gadgets.
  7. I close my eyes and sit idle as much as possible.
Few Tips that I use to follow that turned out to be a myth:
  1. Avoid fruits such as pineapple, pomegranate, lemon, groundnuts and so on: I take all the above food.
  2. Coffee triggers migraine: I take 250ml of strong coffee with milk everyday
  3. Masturbation cause migraine: not really in my case.

So, if you have any questions, contact me and I can share my experience. Also remember all the above tips may also turn out to be a myth to you because, the tips that work for me may not work for you. So, just try out the tips and if it works, nothing like it.

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