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Soft Skills List for Call Center Sales and Customer Service Agents

In order to develop interesting human relationships, both soft skills and behavioral skills as well as personality development and life skills are equally important.

Soft Skills Vs Behavioral Skills

Soft skills is developing certain skills of your own. For example, the way you dress, the language that you speak, your voice, your bodylanguage, your intentions, thoughts and opinions are some common examples of softskills. And behavioral skills is the way you behave with others. to measure your behavioral skills, you need to have relationship with others. unlike soft skills, you cannot improve your behavioral skills unless you relate yourself with another human. So, in order to enhance your behavioral skills, you should understand various personalities you meet in the society. Few common personalities include people who are assertive, aggressive, passive, proactive, reactive, apathetic (Apathy), sympathetic.

(Sympathy), Empathetic (Empathy), and compassionate to name a few.

So, you can sit a room, alone, while improving your soft skills and you may not need anybody to improve it. For example, you can work on improving your voice by sitting at home, in solitude, listen to voice improvement audios and practice it. Likewise, the way you dress, gestures and so on. But while improving your behavioral skills you have to have contact with another human being to measure your behavior.

List of Soft skills:-
  • Thoughts: intentions, personal values, personal traits such as patience, perseverance, confidence, self beliefs and personal decision making.
  • Body-language: Grooming, body posture, use of stage, eyebrows, eye-contact, facial expressions,  gestures and hand movements.
  • Language: Rapport building phrases, transition phrases, figure of speech, polite words, verbal communication barriers such as mother tongue influence, negative statements and verbal fillers. 
  • Voice: Pitch, tone, pace or rate of speech, inflection, intonation, modulation, and placement of voice.

List of Behavioral skills
  • Etiquette, mannerism, giving and receiving compliments, genuine excuses, polite ways to say no, persuasion, negotiation, handling intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts, motivating others, and emotional sensitivity 

Personality Development Vs Life Skills
The difference between personality development and life skills is that personality development is more to do with soft skills and behavioral skills. Life skills is more to do with personal effectiveness that include handling things, tasks, time, and technology.

List of life skills include time management, technical skills, multitasking, creativity skills, organization skills, information and knowledge management.

It can be quite argumentative to exactly arrive at precise difference between these 4 terms because it is difficult to classify certain skills under certain categories. 

Effective soft skills and behavioral skills are the two essentials while having any business telephone communication. Soft skills is a reflection of your intrapersonal and interpersonal attitude, is the way your present and interact; While behavioral skills is the way you behave that includes planning, organizing and managing the tasks, time and things. 8P is simple mnemonic that will help to recall some of the important telephone etiquette tips for every business professional.

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