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Examples of Pride in Real Everyday Life

Being proud is an intrapersonal attitude and it reflects in your interpersonal behavior through your actions and communication. People become pride for several reasons here is an real everyday examples.

HEARTS Mnemonic:

Examples of Pride in Everyday Real Life
Examples of Pride in Everyday Real Life

  1. Health
  2. Environment
  3. Aspirations
  4. Relationships
  5. Things
  6. Society


People may be proud about their mental and physical health conditions. They are proud because they think creatively, solve problems effectively and efficiently.


People may be proud about being leading a sustainable lifestyle vs exploring the natural resources to the fullest


People may be proud about their profession, their dreams and aspirations in both personal and professional life. Personal aspirations may include closing family debts, spending time with family and friends, helping their siblings financially, emotionally and morally. Professional aspirations includes moving up the corporate ladder, taking up management and leadership positions, inventing something.


People may be proud about being single, married, divorced, having children, having no children, staying together as a family or staying alone embracing solitude.


People may be proud about their possessions, wealth, assets they own such as car, house, apartments and/or resorts. On the other hand, people are also proud about not owning anything, being frugal and leading a minimalist lifestyle. A step above is to influence people around them, persuade others to believe in what you believe.


People may quite proud of the society they are from. It includes the religion, community, family, country, gender, rich vs poor group of people to name a few.

Benefits enjoyed by People with Pride

  • may possess persuasion, negotiation and influence skills
  • portray excellent empathy and emotional skills
  • listen, question and express with more clarity in their communication
  • have clarity on the life roles that they play in life, have clear life goals, good in making personal decisions.
  • have patience and perseverance as they are aware of their own achievements and success
  • tend to give compliments and constructive feedback to others.
  • are kind and polite with others
  • avoid being judgmental about others
  • are assertive and resolve interpersonal conflicts effectively
  • are humorous and creative
  • have excellent verbal communication skills
In a way, being proud about things around us can be a self motivation. It enhances our everyday personal and professional life. Taking pride in everyday life is a perception and it differs from person to person based on their human values, personal belief and influence of society.

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