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Examples of Patience in Everyday Life

You must have patience and here is a list of examples in everyday life situations using HEARTS mnemonic:
Examples of Patience in Everyday Life
Examples of Patience in Everyday Life

  1. Health
  2. Environment
  3. Aspirations
  4. Relationships
  5. Things/materials
  6. Society

Health Examples:


Be patient when you(r)('re):
  • Like to memorize something, learn something especially if it is new.
  • Trying to find solution to some problems/conflicts.
  • Not able understand a concept, about a culture and/or society.


When you complete your daily life chores be patient while doing these activities especially when you're in hurry:
  • Travelling/commuting to office during peak office hours (called rush hour)
  • Having breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have to enjoy these moments patiently as they are quite important
  • While you're fixing a light bulb or any other DIY activities that includes repairing something or fix something especially when you deal with things that requires special safety such as lifting heavy weights, electricity, hazardous liquids, chemicals or gases.

Environment Examples:

Be patient when you(r):
  • go to a new city/town that has different wheather/climate. Your body would take time to get acclimatized.
  • body is recovering from minor/major illness.

Aspiration Examples


Be patient when you(r):
  • attending a job interview and you're going to be the next person in the queue
  • meeting for job appraisal/promotion discussions.


Be patient when you(r)('re):
  • going to propose a girl in a day or two
  • waiting for your new mobile phone, 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler that you've ordered it is going to arrive at you shortly

Relationships Examples

be patient when you(r)('re)
  • with someone who is extremely, excited to see you, angry at you
  • with someone who is emotional
  • with someone who is boasting, blaming, criticizing you or others in front you.
  • intentions are misunderstood by someone.

Things Examples

be patient when you(r)('re)
  • car broke down/fixing the flat Tyre
  • lose your wallet

Society Examples

be patient when you(r)('re):
  • not able to align to the society values
  • others criticize/praise your personal values.
By using the HEARTS mnemonic, you can come up with variety of combinations of examples of patience in everyday life. To help you with more permutations and combinations, here is another set of mnemonics. By just mix and match of the below mnemonic keywords, you'll have an exhaustive list:

PATCHES Mnemonic (Master mnemonic)

Temptation, Threat, Task, Trouble, Tranquility
C- Characteristics, Conflict, Communication,

PAINTINGS SMILE (Sub mnemonic expansion)
Senses: Visual, Visceral, Vicinity(location), Verbal, Voice, Velocity (Time)

These examples will help you to lead an interesting life during various situations in life.

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