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Examples of Perseverance in Everyday Life

Patience Vs Perseverance Vs Persistence 

Patience is endurance during challenging situations while perseverance is steady patience; everytime, until the desired goal is achieved. Patience is short term while perseverance is long term. Patience is an incident while perseverance is an event, episode or epic.
Patience Acronym Perseverance
Patience Acronym Perseverance

Persistence is continue to do action inspite of difficulties and obstacles.Having admiring personal thoughts and attitude is one of the five vital elements of Intrapersonal skills. Here are typical characteristics of intrapersonal characteristics that some people love to develop as part of their personal attitude: Patience and perseverance, persistence.

Example of Perseverance in Everyday Life 

Advantages of Being a Person of Perseverance
One of the techniques to remember the most complex information is to convert them into Mnemonic devices so that it becomes easy to remember and recall. PATIENCE is a simple mnemonic device that answers the question, “Why should I have perseverance in life?”.

Human beings have many admiring traits. One of them is perseverance. A person who have perseverance is liked by almost everyone and people try various techniques and tricks to achieve this esteemed life skill. Having perseverance requires courage. Some people ask, “Why should I have perseverance?” couple of reasons are summarized using PATIENCE mnemonic:

Comfort increases

Practicing perseverance is like Playing a Game with your Mind

It is fun to play with the mind and soul. Being patient is a game and it is fun to play this wonderful game with your mind and soul. Everytime, when there is an event that demands a patient attitude, start the game; the game of being patient.

You Should have perseverance because you Get the Luxury of Flexibility (Adapt)

For people with perseverance, more alternatives crop up. When more alternatives crop up, they have better choices to make. You come across an angry person and you determine to be patient. You practice it live in front of that person to have a patient attitude; You repeat it with others; And, one fine day, you have acquired the skill of being patient.

Time and People with Perseverance

People with Perseverance have an advantage. They get time to think, reflect, and reason on the issue that they have in hand.

Why Should I have Perseverance? Because you might Influence others

People will learn how to handle conflicting situation by looking at you who practice perseverance at the time of conflicting situations.


When parents practice patience with children, kids tend to learn this behavior from their parents.

Having Perseverance with Children is the Choice Made by Parents (Elect)

Life is full of choices. And, some people’s choice is based on past experiences while others are based on influence of people, and books. You have chosen to be patient, it is a choice made by you alone and if it is strong, this behavior becomes a habit. Congratulations for choosing to be patient in life.


After graduation, one can patiently look for various career options before getting in to a field of interest. That is when new alternatives arise and you will surprise that there are so many other career options that are unique.

Perseverance is a Learned Skill (Nurture)

Having perseverance requires cognitive skills, which are acquired through conscious learning. A person who determines to be patient usually wins. And once the skill is acquired, it will have little affect over other’s influences and circumstances.

Be Patient and Enjoy the Affectionate Zone of Comfort

People can rely on a patient person as the person is listening to their views and opinions. When they openly share their views and opinion, the zone of comfort amplifies. People feel more comfortable with a patient personality even during most challenging situations.

When you have perseverance, Empathy develops

when you are patient, you'll get an opportunity to see the situation in other's point view which is called empathy.

Building a mnemonic is one of the admiring memory skills. Mnemonic devices is a memorization tool that is as old as mankind. Patience is virtue while self perseverance builds character. So, remember PATIENCE Mnemonic, every time when you come across any situations and circumstances where there needs patience and perseverance
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