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List of Intrapersonal Skills with Examples

Two famous people who did extensive work on intrapersonality are Howard Garner and David Kolb. It is one of the multiple intelligence theory proposed by Howard Garner, while different learning styles for proposed by David Kolb. One of the vital difference between intra and interpersonal skills is that intra-personal intelligence is to do with a behavior that is within a person while interpersonal ability is to do with understanding and comprehending others, people and situation around a person

List of Intrapersonal Skills
List of Intrapersonal Skills

What is an Intra personal Skill?

Your intrapersonal attitude reflects in your interpersonal behaviour and interactions. You should understand your own self before trying to understand others.Do you balance your intrapersonal communication among the above mnemonic? If no, consider them and change your perspective of thinking. If you always think optimistic, also consider being pessimistic so that risks are identified and fixed. If you are always empathetic, trying to find solutions, invent something new, relax! also divert your mind to cherish life. If you are always cherishing your life, try diverting your mind, be empathetic to see what better can be done to enhance your lifestyle.

Intrapersonal intelligence is one of the vital life coaching skills and once you are understand intrapersonal awareness (self awareness), you move to intrapersonal competencies that is all about self regulation (change) and self management (if you're unable to change, manage yourself) of intrapersonal communication, intrapersonal conflicts, intrapersonal convince (self motivation) and intrapersonal change (personal change) and intrapersonal contentment.

Intrapersonal Communication Competency

It is your set of skills to change your inner voice and managing your internal communication is intrapersonal communication competency/skill. Some of best ways to improve this skill is to use self affirmation words and communicating your personal values to yourself as precisely as possible, especially during inner conflict resolutions, self motivation, while initiating personal changes (such as setting self goals) and taking personal decisions in life to reach personal excellence, and Intrapersonal contentment.

Types of Intrapersonal Communication Skills:

Intrapersonal Change Competency

It is those personal changes that you make it life to lead an effective and efficient life to achieve personal excellence. It could be self organization, decluttering things around you, learning a new habit, etiquette or manners, or new behavior such as developing patience, or memorizing something through creative thinking skills such as using mnemonic devices to remember something.

Intrapersonal Conflict Competency

After understanding some of the common internal conflicts, you handle them either by initiating personal change or manage it. Some common intrapersonal conflicts include conflict with personal health (both mental and physical), Environmental (getting adjusted to the climate of your city, for instance), Aspirations, Relationships, Things around you, Society that you live in. You can remember these set of conflicts using HEARTS mnemonic.

Intrapersonal Change (Personal Change)

You take several initiatives through self goals to changes your behavior, emotional aspects (for example, replacing negative words with self-affirmation words), actions, habits or etiquette or manners, and your thoughts, perceptions and conclusions that you derive out of your life. You also take several creative thinking and creative problem solving techniques (SCAMPER technique, for instance) as part of personal change.

Intrapersonal Convince (Self Motivation)

How do you motivate yourself? what motivates you to take tasks? How long are you motivated about an idea? you get answers to these questions by understanding, changing and managing your motivating factors.

Intrapersonal Contentment

How much are you contented and cherished in life? it includes your spiritual self.
It is also possible to change a values of human/person by either persuading them or influencing them. However, it would take time as the core values are imbibed in them strongly.

Advantages of Having Good Intrapersonal Skills

  1. Enhances both your personal, professional and interpersonal intelligence
  2. Enhances your empathy, persuasion and rapport building skills
  3. Adds value when you're making major life transitions, life decisions and life goals
  4. Get better clarity on your common life roles and responsibilities.
  5. It reflects subconsciously in your interpersonal communication especially when you're giving compliments or feedback, while expressing and asking questions and while giving presentations.
  6. Helps you handle various personalities or people of different attitudes such as assertive and proactive behavior.
Intrapersonal intelligence is as important as interpersonal intelligence to build fascinating human relationships, and by being aware of your intrapersonal intelligence skills, you can handle conflicts and understand your personal values. It reflects both in your personal and professional life. With a little patience and perseverance you'll be able to master the skill of intrapersonal intelligence. 


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