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Interpersonal Conflict Examples

One of the life coaching skills is to, be aware, understand, change (if necessary), manage some of the common interpersonal conflicts that includes personal and professional, at work place, life. Be aware of some of the common interpersonal conflicts as it helps you when you're making personal decisions, setting personal life goals, making life transitions, understand your life roles and responsibilities better

List of common interpersonal conflicts Examples in everyday life:-

  1. My team has high attrition rate
    Interpersonal Conflict Examples
    Interpersonal Conflict Examples

  2. My company is not performing well and is running under loss
  3. There is a flood in my city
  4. There is a epidemic in my city recently
  5. There was a gang rape in your city and it has caught world wide attention for its inhuman behavior
  6. Someone was murdered in your city and it has caught worldwide attention for its inhuman behavior.
  7. Team demotivates me.
  8. I fought with one of my team members
  9. My first son gets good grades by my second son isn't.
  10. I lead a team, one set of associates wants to go to Ooty and the other prefers kodaikannal and the Bangalore team doesn't want to join the team outing as it is too far from their office.
  11. My dad is ill
  12. I bought a gift for my team member but he didn't like it
  13. It requires 10 days to complete a task but my manager wants it to be done in 5 days.
  14. My spouse is lying to me.
  15. I hate people who honk while driving
  16. I've taken some initiates but no one in my team supports me.

1. Workplace Romance 

You get an escalation from your manager saying, "I heard that your reportee is romancing at work during office hours. Please look into it and give feedback to your reportee" 
Romancing Couple at Work - Interpersonal Conflict Situations Examples
Romancing Couple at Work - Interpersonal Conflict Situations Examples
Intrapersonal conflict happens when you have concerns about your health, when you do not know how to handle things (tangible) around you, when you are not able to understand and harmonize with people around you which includes your friends, family members, and relatives.

To resolve interpersonal conflicts, you need both intrapersonal skills and interpersonal skills to reach personal excellence.

Intrapersonal skills include:

  • Your inner voice, self-affirmation for example,
  • self motivation,
  • having strong personal values,
  • creative decision making,
  • practicing habits such as patience and perseverance,
  • creative problem solving.

Interpersonal Skills include:

  1. Narrative communication such as use of anecdotes and short stories.
  2. Behaving proactively, with empathy
  3. using effective verbal communication skills such as giving compliments, giving constructive feedback, using, persuasion and negotiation skills, eloquent language skills like use of figure of speech, exchanging assertive communication, ability to say, "No" politely, presenting your ideas persuasively, use, speech prosody, rapport building statements, transition statements and using polite and kind words and asking by questions.
  4. avoiding verbal communication barriers such as using judgmental words, redundant words, generalizations, mother tongue influence (MTI), negative words, speech fillers 
By following any of these techniques, you'll be able to successfully resolve some of the common interpersonal conflicts in life.

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Interpersonal Conflict Resolution

This video changed my life the way I handle interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts

The above examples will help you understand some of the common interpersonal conflicts, besides intrapersonal or personal conflicts, that happens in everyday life situations.
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