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Intrapersonal Communication Skills with Examples

Intrapersonal Communication Skills
Communication Skills
Intrapersonal communication is one of the self motivation skills, by mastering it you can resolve some of your common intrapersonal conflicts in your every day life situations and the different life roles you play. You can remember what and how intrapersonal communication happens using B OPEN to Cherish HEARTS mnemonic:

  • Belief
  • Optimistic
  • Pessimistic
  • Empathetic
  • Neutral
  • Cherish
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Aspirations
  • Relationships
  • Things
  • Society


Belief is the blind faith, trust, confidence that you have on something without proof or evidences.

It is one of the intrapersonal skills that is essential to lead an interesting personal life. A strong belief in yourself (Self Belief), others, things and situations around you can drive life. Most importantly, unlike science, belief system doesn't require any evidence or proofs.


You say to yourself, "Good, I didn't make it. Perhaps, a better job is waiting for me". During normal situations, we would be optimistic about past, present and future life events.

Advantages of Positive Self Talk using self affirmation words, phrases and statements:

  1. It will enhance your intrapersonal attitude and builds rapport within yourself
  2. You become calm and composed especially during intrapersonal conflicts
  3. It builds your moral and motivation and you will be able to take personal decisions with empathy.

By replacing negative language such as complaints and excuses into positive communication (using self affirmation statements), you will experience an astonishing intrapersonal behavior but also encounter a change in the way you handle interpersonal relationships and conflicts because, mostly, what you think and speak within you is the influence of how you behave in the society. In fact, it reflects in your oral and non-oral communication and behavior subconsciously.

Let self affirmative talk become your personal value or principle from today. So, make all efforts to talk affirmatively to yourself. Initially, all that you need is patience, persistence and perseverance.


You say to yourself, "I don't fit this job. I'm useless" and you feel bad about not making the interview. During normal life situations, we would be pessimistic about past, present and future life events.

Intrapersonal Communication Situation Example

when someone tells you that you're fit for nothing. The inner voice you hear is intrapersonal communication sentences such as, "No, that's not true", "Oh, how true" etc.


You will analyse to see why you could not make it. During normal situations, we would be empathetic, trying to find solutions, about past, present and future life events.


You are least bothered about the whole incident. You would be listening to music without even thinking about the failed interview.


We cherish about the present situation or state of being. What do you think within yourself would be classified under HEARTS mnemonic:


We think about mental and physical health


We think about the nature


We think about our past, present and future goals, achievements and dreams about professional and personal life.


We think about our relationships with self and others such as friends, relatives, family members and colleagues at work.


We think about things, materials such as fixing our water tap, buying new home, car and other tangible and intangible wealth.


We think about the society that we live in, the law, moral and values. Nationwide calamities, sports, etc.

Your intrapersonal attitude, one of your life coaching skills, reflects in your interpersonal behavior and interactions. You should understand your own self before trying to understand others.Do you balance your intrapersonal communication among the above mnemonic? If no, consider them and change your perspective of thinking. If you always think optimistic, also consider being pessimistic so that risks are identified and fixed. If you are always empathetic, trying to find solutions, invent something new, relax! also divert your mind to cherish life. If you are always cherishing your life, try diverting your mind, be empathetic to see what better can be done to enhance your lifestyle. 
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