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SCAMPER Technique Examples, Creative Problem Solving and Brainstorming Technique

Nine out of ten designers would know SCAMPER mnemonic/acronym. It is not only popular in the world of engineering and design, but it is also creative applied in other fields of sciences and arts such as industrial innovation and visual arts. In business, in fact, it is one of the favorite tools for life coaches and business coaches during business meetings and training programs. It gives prominent results while conducting corporate brainstorming sessions or creative thinking and innovative business strategic planning workshops.

SCAMPER stands for:-

SCAMPER Technique Examples, Creative Problem Solving and Brainstorming Technique
SCAMPER Method Examples
Put to another use
Rearrange, Reverse

SCAMPER Examples: 

This mnemonic is applied to redesign your, delivery of presentation and, powerpoint presentation (PPT).


The visual look of the cell phone can be enhanced by replacing fiber skin with a metal one, variety of colors can be substituted instead of the regular monotonous shades. Or, it can also be replaced with one or more parts to invent a design.


SCAMPER Technique Examples
SCAMPER Technique Examples
Does the mobile phone has only calling facility or is it embedded with music software and a bluetooth? Or enhanced with additional MP3 player facility too? That is innovation using combination in SCAMPER. Many companies use this popular combination tool, get some creative results to boost their sales in the market. They follow a very simple trick. Combine features and benefits.


Every manufacturing company knows that customers want variety. And, Customers will not only be surprised but also be excited to see a floating dial menu in their cell phones rather than the conventional list view. Entrepreneurship is all about identifying the right product to the right people by altering the product to the customers' need.


No doubt, people will enjoy the abundance of technological applications on their mobile phones such as having a bigger screen, a smaller keypad or a sliding camera. That is modification. Modify the size, shape, direction, distance or anything that could be changed. A lady would look for a cell phone that goes along with her clothes and a gentleman would seek for a cell phone that is sleek and trendy.

Put to Another Use

Next time when someone is stuck in a dark cave, his/her cell phone would come handy. The recent Mobile phones are used not just for making calls or for entertainment, but also used for other purposes such as torch light, nail trimmer or anything that fall under "necessity". A Cell phone is put to another use other than making calls.


One set of customers like mobile phone that has many features and benefits, while others look for simplicity and elegance. That is when eliminating those extra things such as complicated software, or a password protector is essential as it could a distraction to one set of audience. They feel that the cell phone looks stunning when it is simple and neat. All they need is just call people. That is it. Audio, video, games and music are interruptions for them.


Besides science and technology, Many believe that it is everybody's responsibility to contribute towards a sustainable environment. In fact, customers, who are extremely environment conscious, are willing to spend that extra penny to save the earth. Environment friendly mobile phones that has a naturally friendly design, features and benefits naturally attract more customers - globally.

How to Use SCAMPER in Everyday Life Situations

Surprisingly, this creative problem solving technique can be conveniently used in many situations in life to be effective and efficient in life. It can be creatively used in both intrapersonal and interpersonal circumstances such as, when you like to memorize something using mnemonic devices or making personal decisions, deliver persuasive presentation, or even when you're trying to communicate effectively.

More Examples

Carry Bag has been used as Pillow

Bath Towel has been used to cover head from sunlight

Old Tarpaulin used to cover things

Old Washing Machine is reused as dustbin

Broken Jug reused as flower Pot

Old Lorry Tyre reused to support the water pot

Old Paint Bucket is used support the rail
of a stair case

Old Scrap Wood is reused 

Thermocol reused as stool or chair (see below)

Old children's mosquito tent reused to cover fruits

Old Plastic Water Bottles Reused as Flower Pots

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