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Verbal Transition Words, Phrases, Sentences and Statements with Examples

Transition Phrases Sales Presentation Examples
Transition Phrases Sales Presentation
Whether in speech or writing, using good transitions will make your verbal communication effective. It can be used in the form of words, phrases, statements, sentences or in paragraphs. It is commonly by sales professionals, call center agents and customer service representatives, you can use transitions both in writing as well as speaking. It can be used in research papers, academic high school and college essays, sometimes even in posters, quotes, to start a paragraph, to grab attention, to build rapport, to persuade, to show empathy and assertiveness and to build interesting human relationships.

What are Transition Words?

Definition/Meaning:Transitional words connect two different ideas together in a coherent manner. It is also called bridging statements or words as it acts as a bridge between different thought groups.

Simple Transition Words (Word Chart) in Public Speeches and Business Presentations and Powerpoint:-

  • So 
  • Now 
  • Therefore 
  • And 

Common Speech Transitional Phrases list

  • By the Way... 
  • As I mentioned earlier... 
  • Before I offer the benefits... 
  • I understand your hesitation... 
  • I know how you feel when... 
  • You are absolutely right and... 
  • Good that both of our view are same...

How to make a Transition Sentence

  • Here are few easy steps to make a transition sentence
  • Divide your sentences into paragraphs. 
  • Categorize the sentences into Cs mnemonic that is given below 
  • Use appropriate transitions as per the provided the list below. 

Types of English Speech Transitionals

Here is a list of great advanced transition words with examples summarized using a simple mnemonic Cs even a kid can memorize this easy memory aid. Learning and teaching transition words becomes easy when you memorize this mnemonic. It can also be used as transition word exercise, games, lesson plan, handouts, activities, practice worksheet or quiz to make kids learn this simple list of all best English transitions:

List of all grammar transition words including high level words summary:

  • Cause and Effect 
  • Chief (Sequential) 
  • Congruence (Analogy) 
  • Coordinates (Logical) 
  • Chronology 
  • Comparative and Contrast 
  • Conclusion 
  • Count (Addition) 
  • Consult (Question) 
  • Can't (Negative) 

Cause and Effect

You will find cause and effect transitional words especially in expository essays. It helps both in starting the first paragraph, elaborating the body of the paragraph as well as to closing (conclusion) the paragraph.


"As there are many television channels that are exclusively broadcasted for children, it is advisable for the parents to choose appropriate channels that suits the educational needs of the child"
Chief Sequence (Order of Importance)

The key topic of any speech can be arranged in the form of increasing or decreasing order of importance. Many writers give the most important information right in the first sentence of the introductory paragraph, and others keep it towards the end of the introductory sentence to keep the reader's attention and to build curiosity. It can be used in the beginning of the paragraph.

Introduction paragraph sample of topic, "Accident". The writer reveals the important information in the first sentence itself:

My dad almost met with an accident. I will tell you how. He was driving down through a dense forest on a narrow muddy road"

Or, the important information can be revealed towards the end of the sentence to keep the audience curiosity:

"One day, my dad was driving down through a dense forest on a narrow muddy road, and you know, he almost met with an accident..."

Coordinates (Spatial)

Some of the common keywords used while writing a persuasive introduction speech that describes spatial importance include, here, there, everywhere, at this point, in this area, neighborhood, region, country etc.

Introduction sentence example of a persuasive speech about the topic "Watching TV is good for children"

"With a press of a button, one can bring the entire world in front of the eye. In fact, invention of Television is a boon to children as they can understand and comprehend the way world works by sitting at home."

Chronological (Narrative)

It is most commonly used in narrative writing to sequence the events logically. Some speech topics that fall under this category include history, and biography.

A sample introduction speech on the previously mentioned topic, "Watching TV is good for children" that follows chronological structure:

"Although television was introduced to the general public in 1939, due to outbreak of World War II, the production went large scale only after 1948. Our kids are quite lucky to have this wonderful education instrument, which is not only easily affordable but also comes with latest technological advancements".

Comparative and Contrasting

Comparison is similarities and contrast is differences. Compare and contrast transitions are most commonly in argumentative essays.

Using the same previous topic, "Watching TV is good for children" can be introduced using compare and contrast speech paragraph:

"Watching TV can be compared with reading a book. One similarity is both the activities are quite interesting and informative. However, in contrast, unlike reading a book, watching a TV actives both visual and auditory sense of children"

Here is a list of examples of transitional statements in speeches:

  • For the past few minutes I have been talking about the benefits of the product, now let me demonstrate it for your convenience 
  • Now that we have discussed about the benefits, let us talk about the pricing. 
  • Now, I like to clear all your doubts about the new scheme that I introduced. 
  • We are almost coming to the end of the joining formalities. 
  • Finally, I want to conclude saying 
  • I hope you are clear about what was being discussed till now. 
  • You can come back to me if you still have any questions about the topic of discussion. 
  • Before closing this order booking, I want to emphasize... 
  • I like to know your opinion before I move to the next benefit. 
  • For the next five minutes we are going to talk about how this business concept work 
  • Besides having good price, you also need a product that is reliable and robust and this product will satisfy... 
  • Once you are clear about the concept, applying it is as easy as it looks. 
  • Even I like to discuss about this issue but little later 
  • Therefore, I request you to work on this buying decision with your wife for better clarity. 
  • Yesterday we spoke about benefits; today we will talk about features. 
  • Previously I was talking about why you should choose our product over others; Now I will tell you how competitiveness of our product.

Consult (Questions)

Transitional questions include:
  • Any questions about the benefits of the product before I book your order? 
  • I hope that I cleared all your doubts about the membership program. Now, can you choose from one of the available colors? 
  • For instance, I have a pen that does not write. What could be the possible issues with the pen? 
  • Now, I am open to questions. Any doubts please? 
  • Can you quickly tell me about your income sources, so that I can suggest a personalized that meets your demand? 


Concluding the speech with strong transition words can make a great impact for your presentation speech or writing. Concluding words like finally, in brief and last but not the lease are some common ending transition examples.

Count (Addition)

Addition transition words and phrases such as in addition to, to add on, additionally, above all, and, to top it, plus, and besides. These smooth transition words make your speech coherent and cohesive.

Can't (Negative)

Negative transition words and phrases include never, nevertheless, however, in spite of, though and even though. Negative transitions are used even in some of the most sophisticated speeches and literature.

Congruence (Analogy)

Many ideas can be expressed by keeping a familiar concept that people already know as a base.

A sample speech of the same previous topic that uses analogy in the introduction:

"Watching television at home is like packing your bags, booking a ticket and touring the entire world in one hour. And, your children are lucky enough to go on a trip by using a simple instrument--remote control"

Besides interesting self introductions, creative attention grabbers, persuasive words, rapport building statements, you can use transitions to make your presentation persuasive. having good intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, you must have excellent interaction skills that includes language usage. Transitional words is one such language tool that can help you to deliver your professional presentation, whether in a sales presentation or public speech, in an organized and structure way. Use themselves appropriately and persuade them effectively. After practicing it becomes your intrapersonal attitude.

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