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Real Life Anecdotes about Food

I thought, to succeed in life, I've to work hard but it's not true. Sometimes not working hard brings success. Last evening, at a shopping mall, after eating a sweet corn, a small piece of it got stuck inside, between the inner set of my teeth. As this piece was so annoying, I struggled to remove it. First, using the tip of my tongue, I tried pushing the piece upwards, downwards and sideways, but instead of coming out, it got settled even more deeply. So, I decided to try an indecent method; looked around to ensure public is not watching me, I put two of my fingers in my mouth to pull the piece out. But, unfortunately my fingers are not small enough to hold such a small piece. I got frustrated but didn't give up. I borrowed a safety pin from one of my family members, insert it between two teeth but later realized that I'm poking the pin between the gap that is just one tooth away from where the corn piece is actually stuck. Blood came out! not the corn piece! At one point, because of so much effort, my mouth started paining, my tongue dropped, one tooth got wounded, the safety pin bent, and I became tired and gave up. After several hours, the corn piece politely come out of my teeth by itself, settling in the middle of my tongue. That MOMENT! the MOMENT of relief, joy, and freedom. But guess what? to celebrate this happiness, I bite, cut that corn piece into further smaller pieces and ate them ALL!

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