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Sniglets - Body Soap

Soaptasteression n. The expression one makes after accidentally tasting the beauty soap while taking bath.

Soapzat n. An attempt to catch the sliding soap that is slipping off one's hand while applying the soap to the body.

Shoampoer n. A person who apply body or beauty soap to the hair.

Body-soap-hair-stiff n. The condition of hair that has become stiff and rough after applying body soap instead of shampoo to the hair.

Soapoutfeel n. the feeling you get  while insert your hand to take out the soap that fell accidentally into the bucket of water.

Soap-smell-inability n. Your inability to sense the smell of the brand new beauty soap after using it for two days.

soap-cover-nostalgia n. The habit of keeping the outer cover of a beauty soap inside a notebook, forgetting it, finding it again after a decade.

Soap-search-white-water n. The act of searching the soap inside the bucket of white soapy water by placing your hand gently here and there which makes the situation even worse by making the water even more opaque that makes your life even more difficult to find the soap.

Soap-use-stranger-wash n. Washing the body soap by pouring liters of water, making the soap half its size, after your neighbor or a relative had used your soap without your permission.

Soap small big throw n. The remaining of soap that is too small to use, but too big to throw away.

Slurm : (slerm) (n.) The slime that accumulates on the underside of a soap bar when it sits in the dish too long.

Soapbowlhandation n. The bowl shaped hand that you make to hold the last bit of tiny soap to apply on your body that will serve no purpose as the soap will either keep falling out of hand or sticks on to the body rather than be in hand.

Soapstickfeel n. to stick small old piece of soap with new big piece and feeling proud that you've somehow contributed to the society good.

Soapstick detach struggle n. This soapstick will either peel off, fall on the floor or stick on your most-difficult-to-reach part of the body as you apply it.

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