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List of Emotional Trigger Words Examples

What you talk within yourself is intuitive self talk. Intrapersonal skills is one of the five i's of persuasion and to remember the positive intrapersonal communication skills; remember FATHER--a mnemonic is easy to memorize. Though it takes only few moments to memorize, it stays in the long term permanent memory. They are also called  Emotional Trigger Words List

From Job seekers to motivational speakers, married couples to business leaders, an impressive attitude plays a vital role in human life and almost anyone can easily memorize this miraculous mnemonic that gives insights about affirmative self talk for both sales and customer service executives

FATHER mnemonic stands for:



Some people develop or acquire faith through self talk. here are two
examples of self talk words and phrases on faith:

Example One:

The day before the business interview, a job seeker would prepare for the job interview by refreshing the technical skills and on the day of the interview he/she would rely on faith that the interview will go well.

    "I am sure the interview will go well as I have faith in myself"

Example Two:

During a conversation between a husband and wife, on one hand, wife might self talk with words and phrases such as

    "I have faith that my husband understands me",

    "I knew he will help me as I have faith in him".

On the other hand, husband might think:

    "She has faith in me, so I must identify her needs"

In both personal and professional life accepting something as it is can save lot of lot of time and energy.

Example self talk by a manager about his/her team member:

    "That is fine, he/she is not interested in this business project, let me assign this task to someone else"

Self talk by a job seeker:

    "I accept that they feel that I am not competent enough. That is fine"

One of key corporate values a popular german based multinational company is trust. They ensure, each employee undergoes a training program to be aware of their corporate values.

One can use these words and phrases to self talk trust:

    "I trust myself and my abilities"

    "I trust others"

    "I trust my family"

Hope is especially important when things do not happen has per the plan. After unexpected results, some people are good at starting from the scratch hoping that this time things might turn out to give better outcome.

Example self talk phrases on hope:

    "That is fine, I learnt it, let me start from the beginning and I hope that this time it going to turn out well"

    "I have hope my career will boost when I determine to finish this monotonous task"

    "I have a strong hope that my audience will like the way I present my business presentation"

Some enthusiastic people show their excitement by being happy, use expressive words and do inspiring deeds. Many a times, enthusiasm is contagious and it spreads faster among others to build morale and confidence.

Self talk examples

"Life is really interesting"

"I wonder how this beautiful business concept works"

"Are there any other better ways to do this thing"

Respect has three dimensions. Giving respect to:

Oneself: Self talk examples

    "Sometimes I am emotional and I respect my behavior"


    "My boss thinks that I must develop my soft skills. I respect his opinion"

    "This particular community believes arrange marriage is best. I respect their beliefs"

Mnemonic devices is one among the most popular memorization techniques such as memory mapping, creative visualization, memory palace, peg system and memory rhyme. offlate, mnemonists, who coin, share and coll
ect mnemonics, are becoming popular with the advent of world wide web. FATHER is a mnemonic device that summarizes affirmative self talk technique, emotional trigger words, phrases, and statements that is part of intrapersonal communication skills.

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