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Convey Bad News in an Empathetic Manner - Etiquette

Use 7P Mnemonic: Polite, Pardon, Present bad news using euphemism, Pause, Procatalepsis, Positive, Personal help and close. For Example, you want to convey that an elder’s son as expired, here is how you go, “Mr.Elder-(Polite), I’m sorry to say that (Pardon), your son has met with an accident and he is no more inspite of immediate medical treatment (Present bad news using euphemism. euphemism is instead of saying, ‘Your son is DEAD’, you say, ‘Your son is NO MORE’). Pause. You say, “I can really understand” (Procatalepsis), “Good that he is able to graduate, which is his biggest dream” (Positive- say something positive though it is very difficult in this situation), I’ll take care of the hospital formalities to bring him home (Personal help and close)

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