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Communication Icebreakers without props/equipment

Communication Skills Training Games

  1. Saying something without touching the lips and the team have find the word: words like pimples, peppers etc
  2. A says two and one lie, the team have to find out which of the three is a lie
  3. Simply ask people to guess each others names by asking around 10 questions before guessing
  4. Come up with couple of tongue twisters
  5. Ask the team to come up with 10 words having a,n,e, o,r,i, i,s,a or any random letters within 10 seconds.
  6. Group A forms a closed circle and speaks something by changing the voice, and group B have to find the person who changes his/her voice in group A
  7. Ask people to guess their previous birth by giving funny options: Monkey, Donkey and Pig
  8. Ask people to guess their com
  9. Sitting opposite to each other A mime like B, vice versa, both AB mime like facilitator
  10. Take a deep breadth, on a sign, say, "AAAAAAA" without breathing in as long as possible. the one who is able to do it for the longest time is the winner.
  11. Talking in native language for a minute or two without intervention of English language 

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