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Uncountable Nouns List with Examples

List of Uncountable Nouns Examples
You must know list of uncountable nouns, use them during verbal communication in a standard manner. Remembering non count nouns becomes very easy by using this simple mnemonic; FEELING.

Two Important Rules while Using Non Count Nouns

Two important rules in English while using non count nouns are:
1. Do not add a "s" at the end of the non count nouns.
2. Do not add the word "the" preceding the non count nouns.

F Stands for Food Staples Non Count Noun List: Food staples can be purchased in various forms:

E Stands for Elusive (Abstract) Concepts: These abstract concepts often have endings like -ness, -ance, -ence, -ity:
Ignorance ignorances is non-standard English

E Stands for Extremely Small Parts: Substances with many small parts:

L Stands for Languages:


Avoid adding an "s" with these words. Also, avoid adding "the" with these words. The Arabic, the Japanese, the English.

I Stands for -Ing forms (most of them): Training (many people say "trainings" and "learnings", which are considered as non-standard English)
Learning (not learnings)

N Stands for Natural Substances: Natural substances can change shape, depending on natural laws:

Steam, water, ice
Smoke, ashes
(Avoid saying steams, or waters)

G Stands for Group of things: Group of things that have different sizes and shapes:
(Adding "s", such as luggages or furnitures, are considered non-standard English)

Again, avoid using the word the in the beginning of the sentences with the above list. The rice, the luggage, the steam, the shopping, the bread, the beauty and the training are considered non standard.

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