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List of Risks in Everyday Life with Examples

Management is one of the vital elements of influencing skills and words that start with M letter--a simple mnemonic device, give a hint on how to remember the list of common risks in our everyday life.

Words Beginning with M Suggests list of risks in everyday life:-
1. Manpower
2. Minutes
3. Money
4. Mind
5. Media
6. Machine
7. Material


Manpower hints human resources. One of the greatest and foremost qualities of a good manager is to understand his/her subordinates. A good manager would spend time to understand the feelings, ideas, thoughts, values, characteristics and behavior of each subordinate and take all the necessary steps to satisfy the needs with fairness. It is worth spending time speaking with the team members to get feedback and opinions.


One of the admiring traits of good managers is good time management. These days many managers have been realizing the importance of good time management and continually taking creative efforts to tackle time management issues. Increased productivity, better quality, more profits are some of the advantages of good time management.


Managing money is all about how to spend, where to spend, when to spend, why to spend, and on whom to spend. In fact, for a manager, money management starts right from day one of his/her role. Managing money effectively and efficiently through creative financial saving strategies, cutting costs on existing expenses, innovative investment ideas are some ways to manage money effectively and efficiently.


What makes a good Manager? A good manager is who manages his/her mind. Mind management is do with attitude, behavior, and feelings of a manager. In fact, it is about the managers� psychology. The way manager responds to different situations, people and places. An emotionally intelligent manager knows how to act based on the context.


Media is one of the m words that hints publicity and promotion of a manager�s team. Projecting the team�s performance, appreciating the associates in front of higher management, recognizing and rewarding the team members based on the performance, contributions and initiates are some best ways to promote the team.

Machine and Materials 

Machine/material Management is how effectively a manager manages the tangible things. Tangible things include everything that could touched or felt. Stationary, computer equipments, machineries and safety equipments are some examples. Though technical knowledge plays a vital role, a good manager who knows how to take help from the subordinates to ingeniously manage machine and materials will be successful too.

Repetition makes human memory stronger. Seven M Words mnemonic, one of the simplest mnemonic devices, give a clue to remember the list of common risks in everyday life. Using this simple memorization technique one can harmonize these management skills to become a good manager.

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