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Difference Between Business Formal, Informal, Casual and Semi-Casual Dress for Men
Dress is one of the non-verbal clues, one of the seven vital elements of presentation skills, that we communicate in the society to present ourselves.
Formal Vs Informal Attire
Formal dress is a full hand shirt with collar, trousers made of cotton, polyester or terilene with pleets, formal shoes, and Ties.
Informal dress  tshirt, (Round neck or collared), jeans or corduroy half or quarter trousers, shirt half hand, no tie or contrasting tie, and sports shoe or sandals.
Casual Vs Semi-casual Dress for Men
Casual and informal dress follow the same trend while a semi casual dress for men would be a t-shirt with collar, jeans or corduroy full trouser and a sports shoes.

In a job interview, following a proper dress code has two significance. One, it creates a good first impression. Two, It makes both the job seeker and the interviewer comfortable. FOODS mnemonic, is an easy-to-recall mnemonic to remember appropriate or proper job interview dress code for job seekers and it takes only few seconds to memorize it but stays in the long term memory so that it can recalled at anytime.
FOODS mnemonic summarizes professional yet appropriate job interview interview dress code for both men and women:-

Opinionated words and phrases
Clothes to Wear to an Interview (Fabric)
One must choose right interview wear. Cotton is one of the best fabrics for both men and women while attending a job interview. It is not only soft on skin but also looks decent, neat and professional. Many job seekers prefer cotton rather than other fabrics such as silk, wool and polyester. Nevertheless, choosing the right fabric also depends on various other factors such as type of job, weather and individual comfortability.
Inappropriate/Bad Interview Attire: Avoid Opinion Words, Phrases on the Attire
Knowingly or unknowingly, few interview candidates wear dress that has words and phrases printed on their shirt or t-shirt. Sometimes, this is considered as a distraction during the interview. Even slogans that are decent and inspiring, such as "I am Born to win" or "Team Work Works" should be avoided.
What to Wear on an Sales Interview? New, not Old
The word "Old" indicates anything that is outdated or aged. It could be an old dress that is faded, dull, washed out, pale or discolored or attire that is old fashioned. Choosing a dress that is commonly worn in the present society is ideal than an wearing old-fashioned or odd kind of clothes. Some job seekers also consciously avoid wearing big checked shirts or thickly striped trousers while attending a job interview.
What Color to Wear to an Interview-Dye
On one hand, colors indicate mood or frame of mind. And, on the other hand, it has the tendency to grab the attention of others. Colors such as grey, light blue or white are some appropriate colors, which are neutral as well as non-distracting, that could be worn during interviews.
Ideal Sales Job Interview Attire? Wear Right Size
Size of a dress can be seen in two aspects;
Too big or too small
Too tight or too loose

An appropriate dress code for a job interview is choosing the dress that is not too tight or too loose, or too closed or too revealing. The best way to decide the right size is to pick the clothes that are comfortable yet non-distinctive.

The job seeker should have two vital skills; good intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Intrapersonal skills is to do within a person; his thoughts and attitude while interpersonal skills is the way a person perceives and responds to the people around him/her. Wearing proper interview dress is one of the indications of these above skills. 

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