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Difference between Coaching, Mentoring, Training with Examples

Coaching Vs Mentoring

In coaching, objective is set by coachee and is defined clearly. for example, I want to improve my voice as I want to become a movie star. In mentoring, objectives are identified, defined, guided and counselled by the mentor. for example, Mentee says, "I want to become a movie star, for that first thing I've to do is improve my voice". Mentor (ideally a popular actor) responds, "I'm sorry, as a mentor, I recommend you to improve your physical fitness before working on your voice."

Speech Vs Lecture

You give a speech in order to express your feelings, thoughts, opinions and beliefs while a lecture is given by an expert, a professor, for example, to a set of students. Speech is informal talk while a lecture is an educational talk.

Presentation Vs Training

In a presentation your objective is to convey the message, information and knowledge you have in your mind while in a training your objective is to understand what your audience want and align you’re your information as per your audience expectations.

Training Vs Facilitation

In a training, you will have the control over the information, content and the objectives. You can decide the objective while in a facilitation, the content will be pre-defined by the organization and you may not alter the objectives and are expected to deliver the content as-it-is.

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