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Speak Vs Talk Real Life Examples

You talk by spoken words, using certain language, verbally through your voice, while you can speak without words, by making just sounds, and if the other person understands your sound, you have spoken something to convey your message, or express your feeling. You can speak non-verbally while you cannot talk non-verbally.

Communication Vs Conversation Vs Interaction

To communicate is to exchange ideas and feelings either by talking or speaking, verbally or non-verbally. And, the series of communication is conversation. And the effect after the conversation is interaction.

For Example, during a conversation between husband and wife, husband communicated his excitement about their married life through his non-verbal speech (speak) by smiling, hugging, and kissing when wife asked, How happy are you leading a married life with me? After his action, she said, that shows you are happy about our married life. All through the conversation, wife is talking (verbally using words) while husband is speaking (non-verbally). In a minute of conversation, each second, both were communicating either by talking or speaking. In this conversation, both partners, interacted (Exchanged their love towards each other). Interaction is both people will have an effect (generally, emotionally) on each other. Interact is action and effect between two.

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