Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Life Coaching Tips, and Blogging on Blogspot Platform with List of Real Examples Using Creative Mnemonic Devices

Self Regulation Examples in Real Everyday Life

-A Self Regulated Learning Tip for College Students, Business Executives and Teachers

From memorizing mitosis cycle to management concepts, mnemonic devices have been one of the best memorization techniques among college students, academicians, business authors and corporate trainers. Two advantages of using mnemonic devices as a learning tool are: One, any concept or information can be quickly recalled with almost no mental effort; Two, details and facts can be remembered in a creative manner. OSCAR is yet another mnemonic that helps to learn how to give or follow instructions and directions, both at professional work situations as well as personal life events.

OSCAR mnemonic summarizes the techniques of asking and giving an instruction or a direction—a self regulated learning tip:

1. Overall picture
2. Specific
3. Comparison
4. Apply
5. Repeat

Self Instruction by Visualizing the Overall Picture

It is easier to understand an instruction, or direction, when one comprehends the big picture. In fact, it is easier to associate and link the further instructions once the helicopter view is captured.

For example, a college student can first read and comprehend the basics of psychology before following the instructions of educational psychology.

Giving Instructions more Specifically

There is a difference between being specific and being perfect. Being specific is giving instructions and directions in an explicit manner, with precise details. Specificity may lead to perfection and excellence.

For example,
a job application with vague question:
"Tell me something about yourself"
A job application with precise question:
"Tell me about your professional life"

Self Regulated Learning requires Comparison Tool

Linking any concept with common and familiar things can make the instructions and directions more understandable. Using words, phrases and examples by applying analogy, simili and metaphor are some commonly used comparison techniques while giving instructions.

For example, a recipe that talks about making an ice cream uses a simili:

extract the cream from the pan very gently as if you are removing the dust from the face of a 2 month old child.

Very Instruction must have an Application Element

Instructions should be practically employed so that it is applied and practiced instantaneously to experience the expected results.

For example, a corporate trainer distributed a communication skills instruction manual which said,

Step 1: Get up
Step 2: Look at the participant who is sitting next to you
Sept 3: Say, “nice to meet you and you look very energetic today.”

Repetition is to Emphasize the Importance

Especially team leaders, manager and life coaches are very good in repetiting a point and emphasize it as many times as possible so that people understand its importance.

For example, a life coach is instructing a meditation technique to the participants,

First, take a deep breadth, now, breadth out slowly, meanwhile imagine that you are in a dense forest, lush green trees are surrounded, remember to breadth out slowly, and you could see a beautiful castle right in front your eyes, I hope everybody is still breadth out slowly. Now, breadth in slowly…”

Sometimes, life becomes very easy when important information is carried along in the mind. Mnemonic devices are one of the easiest techniques to hold almost any ideas in the mind and it also helps to keep the idea in the long term memory. OSCAR is a simple easy-to-recall mnemonic that helps to memorize how to ask, give or follow instructions and directions both in professional as well as personal life to enhance self regulated learning.

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