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Self Initiative Examples in Real Everyday Life

Taking Self Initiatives with Examples using Mnemonic Device
--Ability to Take Initiative is A Vital Skill for Almost Everybody from Husbands and Wives to Job Seekers, Team Leaders and Managers

From memorizing scriptures of bible, Quran and bhavadgita to remembering key scientific facts, mnemonic devices have been playing an inspiring role in the art of human memory skills. Many college students, business executives, academicians and authors know that mnemonic devices such as acrostics and rhyming words and phrases help in registering any information both in short term and long term memory. BLACS (pronounced BLACKS) is yet another mnemonic device for almost everyone who like to memorize how to take self initiative at workplace.

BLACS summarizes the tips on how to take self initiatives with examples. It stands for:

1. Begin
2. Leave it
3. Award
4. Cherish
5. Speak

Taking Initiative Bit by Bit in the Beginning
One the secrets of success is to put all the thoughts in to action. One must take that first step and begin the initiative. In fact, motivation and inspiration starts flowing once a person takes an effort to start the initiative that is still a theory in the mind.

For example, at workplace, a team member, who is willing to take an initiative of starting a birthday bash event within the team, should send a meeting request to all their colleagues, invite them and discuss about it, and tell them that this initiative would be started right from next month and see the response to the initiative.

Leave it for Sometime and Start Again
Sometimes, after taking the initiatives one experiences all the challenges, disputes, conflicts and crisis. Many believe that leaving the initiative and ignoring it for sometime and them resuming is one way to keep the sustain any initiative. During this break one can collect all information and prepare better to face the risks before proceeding to continue the initiative.

For example, a college student, who is passionate about learning a music instrument, initiated and enrolled in one of the music classes. But later realized that the academics is clashing with the hobby. So, the student quit the music classes, took time and channelized the schedule. Finally the student realized that the best time to learn his hobby is during weekends and holidays. One fine day, he started his music classes again.

Award Yourself for Taking a Self Initiative
One of the best ways to improve the morale and motivation is through regards and recognition. To keep up the spirit and confidence, one can self-reward for the initiatives taken.

For example, at workplace, a team leader, who self initiated few activities to build good relationship among her team members, secretly rewarded herself with a fountain pen to keep the self-drive as a token of achievement.

Cherish After Taking Self Initiatives
After every achievement, many people take a break to enjoy the achievement, cherish the moment before jumping to the next goal. So, one can take time, relax, enjoy the moment of success and slowly move on in life.
For example, a college student who passed the exams relaxed for a month cherishing the achievement before applying for the jobs.

Speak About your Initiatives
There are two advantages when one reveals the recent initiatives taken: One, the person who took the initiative becomes more committed as people around are expecting the results of the initiative. Two, talking about the initiative provides good opportunity for improvement as it opens doors to criticisms and discussions on the initiatives.

For example, an elderly mother told his son that she is willing to take an initiative to attend yoga classes from next month. This made her stick to the promise.
Unlike paper, pen and notes, mind is the only tool that stays active within humans all their life. Making good use of mind not only keeps the brain active but also helps in personal growth. BLACS should blankly come to a person’s mind everytime when one attempts to take self initiatives both at workplace situations as well as other personal life scenarios.

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