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Persuasive Words for Sales and Customer Service

List of Adjectives for Persuasive Speech and Letter Writing using BEST Acronym

Good language usage is one of the top seven vital elements of effective presentation skills. And, adjectives, a language tool, can add colors while giving a sales speech or presentation. By using a simple memory trick the list of most commonly used adjectives can be recalled while speaking to the leads/customers or drafting a persuasive sales letter.

BEST acronym summarizes persuasive adjectives list:-

Use the Word "Best" to Write a Good Letter of Recommendation

Whether it is for higher studies or applying for a new job, the word "best" is one of the most commonly used words in English to show excellence.

Examples: "That was the best business event ever."
"He is the best manager I have ever seen."

List of adjectives that start with B--positive words:

Give Speeches Easily by Using the Word "Easy"

Almost everyone agrees that the importance of public speaking is to persuade the lead. Most persuasive speeches will have this word "Easy" create interest and desire. Though there are many other words for word "Easy", such as trouble-free, effortless, painless, laid-back and unproblematic, it still rules the world of public speaking as it is short and sweet.

Yet another list of descriptive adjectives that start with E
Eccentric (Unconventional)
Eclectic (Diverse)

How to Give a Good Persuasive Sales Presentation? Use the Word "Simple"

Giving good presentations involve powerful words and good usage of language. The word "Simple" is one of the most powerful words in the English language which is synonym for effortlessness and straightforwardness.

Adjectives beginning with S:

Resume Power Words List include "Top"

The word "Top" can get them to the top during sales job interviews. It can be used as a verb, an adjective or a noun, in a CV (curriculum vitae).

Here is a CV--a retail resume sample--that contains the word "Top" in two grammar forms:
I topped in the retail sales for the last quarter and by saving $2000 by initiating customer referral schemes and rewards point concepts.(Verb)
I had 100 percent attendance last year and I was at the top compared all other team members. (Noun)
Describing words that start with T:

To deliver a persuasive speech one should know both, what to say and what not say. Mother tongue influence and verbal fillers should be avoided during a persuasive speech while other interesting interaction tools such as rapport building phrases, transition phrases, figure of speech, creative introduction and attention grabbers are vital during a speech. And use of right adjectives is yet another important element to deliver a persuasive speech.

To use right words, one must remember the vocabulary so that it is readily in the mind and can be used spontaneously. Mnemonic devices are one of the best ways to remember and keep the information in the long term memory. BEST is one such mnemonic devices examples that help persuasive speakers to recall the most widely used adjectives in English language. This list of persuasive adjectives will come handy during business sales presentations, persuasive speeches and letter writing. Above all, it takes only few seconds to remember these most common adjectives--BEST.

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