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Persuasion Vs Influence Vs Negotiation with Examples

Difference Between Influence, Persuasion, Negotiation and Convince with an Example

Influence is the ability of people (or things) to change your actions, behavior or opinion

For example, you’d like to buy a house for yourself. Which builders would you like to go for? Say, there are three different builders, A, B and C. if you blindly choose one of the builders without knowing why you chose it, it is (subconscious) influence. You’ve been influenced without your knowledge. But, on the other hand, if you consciously study all three builders for quality, credibility etc and then decide one among the three, you are consciously influenced.

Now that you are consciously influenced, you decide to buy a house from builder A, you call the store, and the builder quotes 20,000 dollars, but you want the builder to reduce the price to 10,000 dollars. If the builder convinces you, either emotionally, or through facts and figures, and sells the house for 20,000 dollars, he has persuaded you. During persuasion, the party doesn’t lose anything from his pocket. But, you are persistent and doesn’t want to spend 20,000 dollars, the sales would start negotiating. As a first step, he brings down his price to 19,000 dollars. And, if you agree for 19,000/- the builder lost 1000/-. During negotiation, you lose from your pocket too.

In Persuasion you don't lose, in Negotiation you lose too
So the difference between persuasion and negotiation is, during persuasion you do not lose anything from your pocket while during negotiation you lose from your pocket.

Convince or conviction with more Evidences
Convince is to move by argument or evidence. The more evidences you have the more it is easy to influence, persuade and negotiate.

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