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Onomatopoeia Jokes

1) Sometimes, the behavior of science and technology is odd. Last evening, the television reception actually got affected when I moved about the room. While watching a TV channel, I got up; TV reception stopped; brooshhhh….; I sat back; reception started again; I got up; brooshhhh…;

2) I still remember. Those days, my dad was very good at repairing electronic appliances. When the radio doesn't work, he used to follow three steps to repair it. Step one, shake it. doesn't work? whack it. still doesn't work? drop it! worked!

3) Playing with kids backfires. Last evening, I thought I will scare my kid. So, I wore a mask, slowly tip-toed towards him and said “baaaaaaahhhhuuu”, the way he SHOUTED, I got scared. Because of that, I am feverish today; He is cheerfully playing with his toys.

4) God could have saved our time by designing us better. Whenever I sneeze, I sneeze twice. Instead, god could have made it as one long strong sneeze. AAAAAACCCCHHHHHUUUUUUU…done, go back to work.

5) Do you know, "Humans blink over 10,000,000 times a year!" Now...blink....I know...blink,blink...where time is...blink,blink,

6) Kids can understand kids' language. Last evening my two sons
(first son is 2 year old; second son is 8 month old) spoke to each other. First son: blarnna? blarrrana? Second son: umgje! First son: Oyuuebjjd!, oykkiollaiek, blarna or blarnaaa? Second son: Umgje. First son gets some water from the kitchen, offers it to my second son. First son:pooekillsi? Second son: umgje. Both of them exchanged a smile

7) Valentines Day? But I’m married: Today my wife called. She: Hello, Me: Yeah, She: You forgot something today. Me: Oh,those cell phone bills? I will pay them tomorrow for sure. She: No, not that. Me: The grocery list you gave is with me already. She: No, not that. Me: I got it. You asked me to inquire about the play-school for our kid. She: No. Me: Then? She: Today is valentine's day; you never wished me. Me: OOPS!

8) I should stop my son being too creative as it affects my quality of living. Last evening , he was using my shirt hanger as a bike steering. I say "Son, please return the shirt hanger, I must hang my shirt" he goes "Dad, how is my new bike, drrrrrrr....." Now I hang my shirt on one of the door knobs.

9) Like dog, god could have created tail for humans too. I believe, our communication becomes more clear with a tail. Imagine this: When my boss says "You will go onsite soon", my tail goes happily toyn..toyn..toyn...toyn...When by boss says "You will have to work little longer today" my tail goes down....doyyyynnnn:( and my boss would understand that I hate working long hours.

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