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how to memorize an extemporaneous speech

 How to Memorize a Speech using Top PEPIT Mnemonic Device
One of the popular mnemonic devices used by public speakers is 4P, Plan, Prepare, Practice, Present. PEPIT is yet another mnemonic that helps to memorize a speech or a script in a jiffy.

Remember a speech using Top PEPIT:
1. People
2. Events
3. Places
4. Ideas
5. Things
A Memorized Speech will have a List of Top People:
Whether science or arts, every field will have a history of significant people whose contribution is prominent and popular. For example, Bill Gates comes to everyone mind when it comes to computer operating systems. One of the simplest ways to memorize a speech is to group all the top personalities of that field, and quote them whenever necessary, during a speech.

An example speech outline memorized by a college student who talks about Importance of English language:

“We all know William Shakespeare’s contributions to the language. But many of us are little aware of Sigmund Freud, an eminent psychiatrist, who showed another dimension of use of language, i.e., understanding human behavior through language arts.”
Good Persuasive Speech Include Top Events and Situations
Before giving a speech, the speaker can memorize all the remarkable events and situations of a topic. Many public speakers quote notable situations of past to persuade their audience. Popular events, a success story to name one, support a speech and bring credibility among the audience.

Here is a sample of farewell speech by a college graduate who quotes a supportive event to praise the college lectures:

“I was happy to see the responses from our lectures last month when we approached them for procuring new lab equipment. They made sure all of us get additional apparatus to practice for our final practical exams. In fact, the lab kit was bought within 4 days for all the students. I like to thank all the lectures for supporting the students.”
One of the Tips to Memorize a Speech is to Recall the Top Spatial (Places) Aspects and Group them:
China and India are the two places that almost all public speakers point out when they talk about population growth has these places top the population growth chart. And, almost every topic will have geographical locations that carry importance. By keeping these places in mind is one ways of the best ways to memorize a speech

A sample descriptive speech by a business professional:

“We are planning to expand our business by two folds next year. And Vietnam is one of the identified business location for two reasons: One, Vietnam suits our business need in terms of competence, Two, Vietnam has friendly business policies for foreign establishments.”
How to Remember a Speech? Recall the Top Ideas and Inventions of the Topic of Interest
A business professional can start a speech by referring telephone invention when he wants to introduce the new internet technology to his/her new business clients. A college student can end the speech by quoting the advanced ipad features or benefits of 3G technology while talking about the topic “Computers and its benefits for college students.” Every topic has new ideas, innovations, and revolutionary breakthroughs. Quoting them during the speech can grab the spectators’ attention and keep them interested even till the end of the speech.
Memorizing Top Tangible Things is a Good Idea
Anything that can be touched and felt is the definition of tangible. It includes materials, objects, items, matter and substances.

Here is a sample speech giving by a college students on a topic “History of computers”

“Those days we were struggling with mouse balls, opening the mouse lid at the bottom and removing the dirt from the computer mouse, but now we have mouse with a sensor that made our life easier.”

Though there are many tips to memorize a speech, mnemonic devices is one of the easiest as it needs no pen or paper. it takes only few seconds to remember PEPIT mnemonic and can be used for almost all kinds of speeches. A speaker can quickly organize the speech in mind by grouping it under this easy to recall mnemonic.

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