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Holiday Packing Checklist of Family Trip Abroad Vacation

Business Trip Packing List for both Men and Women using 5K Mnemonic
Remember K Words that Start with K Before you Go on a business trip
There are many creative ways to remember and recollect things. Some have inborn ability to memorize names of people, telephone numbers or grocery list while others find creative ways to retain information in their minds. Mnemonic devices is one such memorization technique that not only helps to recall things easily but also puts what need to be remembered in the permanent memory of human mind.

Here is a list of K words that can help almost everybody who go on a business trip. It takes only few seconds to memorize these words that start with k but will stay in the long term memory, which could be recalled every time before going to office.

Words that Start with K for Working Executives:-
1. K(c)ards
2. Keys
3. K(c)ash
4. Kerchief
5. K(c)all Phone (cell phone)
Want to go to Work? Take K(c)ards
K(c)ards include office identification card, credit cards, debit cards, visiting cards and so on. Most business firms have strict regulations and insist their employees to bring their office IDs and swipe them before entering the office.

Remember the Key
The tendency to forget the keys is quite common. Organized office executives buy carry bags to keep their car keys, office drawer keys, cabinet keys, and meeting room keys. It is also a good idea to keep duplicate keys so that it comes handy during emergency situations.

K(c)ash is a K word that Should Always be Remembered
After the invention of credit and debit cards, carrying hard cast is one thing that is often forgotten while leaving to work. Sufficient denominations of currency is required espiacially for working executives who communte by pubic transport or city taxis.

Cough? Carry Kerchief!
On one hand, a business executive carrying a kerchief shows his/her care towards the environment as they cut down their tissue paper consumption and save paper. While on the hand, these business executives are saved from some of the involuntary human behaviors such as cough, sneeze, yawn, and hiccups.

The K word is Call phone, but meant Cell phone
Cell phones as become a necessity rather than a luxury. In fact many business professionals like sales people, business development associates, managers and leaders rely on this magical instrument├»¿½cell phone. Also, it is good to remember and set the profile mode, such as silent, discreet or normal, according to the business situations.

Though there are many other things that are important to carry before going on a business trip, these words that start with K gives a hint to take the most important stuff that are common to almost all business executives. 5 K words is an easy-to-recall mnemonic device--In fact, It does not even require a pen and paper to remember these words--and can be stored in the long term human memory to remember business trip packing list

The Travel Ticket is First in the Packlist:
Tickets include both to and fro journey. Tickets also hints gift vouchers and travel discount coupons.
One of the Vital Things in the Packing List for Vacation; Tens & Thousands of Cash:
Here, it is also a clue to remind debit cards, credit cards and currencies during a trip or a vacation.
Tablets; even for a healthy traveler:

Besides first-aid kit, a frequent traveler must remember to take those medicines. Tablets also include lip guards and sunscreen lotions.
Packing lists for vacation will always have Tiffin and Tea-biscuits, and Snacks along.
Food is too expensive, especially at aerodromes and railway stations. Tiffin and tea-biscuit
A Smart Traveler would take T-shirts, Towels and Trousers:
All these words that start with T, is good to keep while traveling, Though towels and napkins are, sometimes, provided in many lodges.
Toiletries for very Frequent Traveler:
Toiletries include shaving blades, shaving creams, toothpastes, tooth brushes, perfumes, deodorants and soaps.
Thirsty water for a Cool Smart Traveler:
This word beginning with t also includes other liquid such as cool drinks and beverages.
Telephone means Cell Phone:
Many travelers are smart enough to remind themselves to include cell phones in their packlist but often forget to carry the cell charger along. So, this T word should also remind a smart traveler to take the charger (tcharger)

Remembering things is the greatest gift of human kind mnemonic devices-commonly known as mnemonics--not only help us to carry knowledge along with us but also makes us recall the necessary information in less than a fraction of a second. And t words is one such mnemonic devices examples that reminds what to pack before traveling.

So, wherever the destination be and whatever the task is, when it comes to remembering things mnemonic devices would be one of the best friends a smart traveler. Travel packing check list for families who like to plan their holidays, beach vacation abroad or camping

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