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Down to Earth Personality Traits with Examples

--An Expected Attitude in Men and Women, Boys and Girls, Team Members and Team Leaders
From astrology to aromatherapy, mathematics to metaphysics, every subject of interest has concepts, ideas and details. Some of these information could be just read to be understood while other details has to memorized to keep them in either short term or long term memory. Mnemonic devices is one of the most commonly used memorization technique to repeat, remember, and recall almost anything. PEAAT (pronounced EAT) is a simple mnemonic helps to memorize the traits and qualities of a down to earth person.

Definition of Down to Earth
A down to earth person means someone who has human qualities that include modesty, humility, humbleness and who is non-judgemental.

PEAAT summarizes key attitudes of a down to earth personality.
1. Proactive
2. Empathetic
3. Accept, agree
4. Apologies
5. Thankful

Proactive Managers are Down to Earth

A proactive person has an attitude of being stable, steady and polite especially during challenging situations such as team conflicts, and crisis. Instead of reacting to the situation, proactive managers act to the situation with an emotional balance. They act as a peacemaker yet try to bring appropriate solution.

For example, a proactive manager would listen to two of his team members who are having a major conflict by listening to them carefully to arrive at a fair solution instead of reacting to the situation.

An Empathetic Person Knows what Others Want

In fact, many believe that successful noble professionals such as doctors, lawyers and business personalities possess this admiring trait; being empathetic. Being empathetic is not only viewing things from other person's perspective but also searching for alternatives and provide solutions.

For example, when a person says, "I lost my job, I have 10 years of experience, and I have no clue what to do now", the other person who is empathetic would think in an angle to provide solution and say, "Ok, relax, that is fine, I'm sure you will get another job as you have 10 years of experience. By the way, visit this popular job website and update your resume. I will also inform my friends to find a job offer."

Down to Earth People Accept People and Events

Almost everyone comes across people, situations and circumstances that are unexpected. Down to earth people are flexible enough to accept the situation and people. once they accept the behavior and the events, it is easy give time to understand and see what could be changed or adapted.

For example, a dad, who wishes his son to become a doctor, can simply accept his son's wish of becoming an engineer. Later, both can sit and discuss on how to take a win-win decision.

Want to be a Down to Earth Person? Apologize

By simply saying, "I'm sorry", "I correct myself" or "It will not be repeated" can make a situation gentle and quiet.

For example, when a school teacher says to a student, "You are late", the student can simply accept and apologize by saying, "I'm sorry teacher, I will be on time from tomorrow" can yield a soft outcome.

Thank You is a Magical Word

Once a corporate trainer recorded his voice to identify the number of "Thank You" phrases and was surprised to realize that he hardly used it. So, he made a conscious attempt to use at least 10 "Thank you" phrases in his 8 hour training session. He believed that these phrases build good rapport with the participants.

Forgetfulness is of the qualities of human. However, one can learn the art of remembering things when they consciously work towards improving their memory skills. PEAAT is yet another mnemonic device that helps to recall the traits of a down to earth person in a jiffy.

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