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Creative Self Introduction About Yourself Outline Examples

Tell Me About Yourself Answer for Fresher-Self Introduction Speech Example in Job Interview using 4E mnemonic
Delivering a content effectively is one of the seven elements of presentation skills and a good introduction can bring credibility and trust among the audience. Whether you are a job seeker, who like to introduce yourself to an interviewer or a presenter, who is planning to deliver a speech presentation, this 5 E mnemonic will help you to remember the some of the essentials of a self introduction. This mnemonic is specially useful for freshers. Five i's summarizes Tell me about yourself sample answers for freshers

Essential of Self Introduction during a Speech or Presentation.
5 I mnemonic stands for:

  •     Experience
  •     Education
  •     Employer
  •     Enthusiasm
  •     Expertise


It is ideal to FIRST talk about experience rather than education. There are three ways to organize the description of one's experience; one is chronological, another is competent focused, and the other is task based. You must also eliminate unnecessary details that may add little  or no weight-age to the context of the speech or interview.
Education Qualification

To gain good impression the speakers must describe how his/her education qualification can add value to the speech. It is worth spending time to describe some of the vital achievements, honors, and appreciations that were accomplished during university education.

Here is an sample answer how a job seeker talks about her education qualification

"I am Lucy and I have completed my MS in architecture. In fact, I was working on a project which is similar to your business need--eco-designs. My internal project was on environment friendly design concepts and it was also nominated in the one of the international design contests."

Self introduction not only focus on individuals but also on the companies and the business they work with. The speaker must keep enough information handy about their employers' market history, published business information and its competitors. Some speakers also show how they contribute to the business growth of the previous employer.

Here is a sample answer for the interview question:

Interviewer: "Where have you been working before?"

Interviewee: "I was working for Robert Bosch, one of the world's leading global supplier of technology and services, offers end to end engineering, I was very happy to be part of diesel engine projects that gave me an opportunity to explore my technical skills."
Passion and Hobbies-Vital Element of Self Introduction Speech

Speakers should be energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and curious about their pastime.  And, all these traits are revealed when a job seeker talks about his/her hobbies and interests. Talking about hobbies shows how active a speaker is during leisure. Speaking excitedly about hobbies is so important that it might become the key factor to build good rapport.

Here is sample on how one of the most common interview questions is handled

Interviewer: "What are your hobbies?"

Interviewee: "I love to play violin. I have played it during college fest and I am keen to apply for an international certification by this year end. This hobby keeps me busy, engaged and rejuvenates my body and soul".
All about your Personalized Skills

Expertise could be outside your education and experience such as vocational courses, honour programs, evening courses, (if any), summer programs. Your expertise will another feather in your cap.

Speakers should work on the basics of their soft skills that include Good Conversational skills such as rapport building and transition statements, written communication and presentation skills are part of soft skills and every speaker should work on all these factors before delivering a speech presentation. Especially, while giving a self introduction, you must use both; mind and heart . 5E words is a one of the easy-to-recall mnemonic device and serves as an invaluable tool to recall self introduction during an interview, speech or a presentation especially for freshers.

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