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Empathy Vs Sympathy Vs Apathy In Customer Service

Both in personal and professional life, being empathetic and persuasive are two vital interpersonal skills you must have to build interesting relationships. Here is a list of examples to understand empathy Vs Sympathy in customer service as well as in everyday real life situations

Imagine, your close friend says, "I've been diagnosed of blood cancer" the way you react to this situation can be classified into:

Apathy: You don't bother, it is not important to you. You lack empathy. You say, "Ok, so what, I don't care"

Sympathy: You feel sorry but do not provide any solution. You say, "Oh no, how sad"

Empathy: You feel empathy, you listen to provide solution. You say, "I'm sorry to hear that, I understand how you feel, what did the doctor say, how can I help you?"

How these Behaviors are useful in Real Life

None of these behaviors are right or wrong and it can very useful in real life situations in both personal and professional life:


  • When you are dealing with various life roles that you play with people: son, brother/sister, boyfriend, husband/wife, grandfather to name a few.
  • When making personal decisions
  • When resolving intrapersonal value conflicts


  • When you're persuading, negotiating or influencing someone
  • When you're building rapport with someone
  • When you're actively listening to someone
  • When you ask questions to someone
  • When you compliment someone
  • When you show kindness and politeness
  • When you're resolving interpersonal conflicts
  • When you give/receive feedback

Effective Communication Skills 

You can show these behavior by consciously using your effective communication skills:
  • Use of eloquent language skills such as rhetorical devices and figure of speech
  • Use persuasive language skills

Communication Barriers to Avoid

When you portray these behavior, you can consciously avoid these verbal communication barriers:
  • use of redundant words
  • use of mother tongue influence (MTI)
  • being judgmental
  • using speech fillers  
The above behavior is partly your intrapersonal attitude. Besides being assertive, proactive, patient, being empathetic can help you to understand people from their point of view which inturn help you to resolve conflicts and build rapport.

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  1. Well I'd opt for empathy towards sympathy!

    Thanks for wonderful post.


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