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How to Show Empathy Over Phone in Call Centers Sales and Customer Service

Professional Telephone Etiquette Tips with Examples

Effective soft skills and behavioral skills are the two essentials while having any business telephone communication. Soft skills is a reflection of your intrapersonal and interpersonal attitude, is the way your present and interact; While behavioral skills is the way you behave that includes planning, organizing and managing the tasks, time and things. 10P is simple mnemonic that will help to recall some of the important telephone etiquette tips for every business professional.

9P mnemonic summarizes the list of tips that stands for:-
Call Center Phone Etiquette Tips
Empathize customers over phone
2. Prepare
3. Place
4. Pen
5. Paper
6. Present
7. Pleasant
8. Pause
9. Put a pleasing end

Plan and Prepare your Call 
With patience, sketch your call before picking up the telephone receiver:
1. Have I noted down all the points that needs to be spoken?
2. Do I have all the supporting details of the call?

Pen that Writes
Put down your conversation through words, diagrams, flowcharts and sketches. The more innovative you are the better you this instrument. Pen!

Paper; Trivial but Vital
You would save anywhere between 15-50 seconds when you keep a paper or a notepad handy before the call. It serves not only as a reference but makes you recall even after the call end so that you can reflect on the conversation.

Choosing Right Place 
If you are taking a professional business call, it is always appropriate to choose a silent meeting room than a crowded noisy cubicle. Remember, choosing a right place, during a telephonic conversation, not only enhances the quality of the call but also creates an atmosphere of trust for the receiver.

In fact, having a pen and a paper handy, and choosing the right place before making a call is one to the basics of telephone interview etiquette for all job seekers.

What to Present During the Call? 
Ideally, every phone call should have an effective introduction that start with
--A good greeting, good morning, good afternoon, thanks for calling etc..,
--A clear introduction of name, company.
--A chronological order of education and experience.

In addition, you can build rapport by casually talking about your hobbies and interests but with caution.

Being Pleasant Emotions
One basic human value is being courteous. You can bring courteousness through your Tone of voice,  or by choosing polite and kind words and phrases such as please, thank you, you're welcome, I can understand that, you are kind(genuine) and so on.

Taking Pauses is Yet Another Phone Etiquette
Non-verbal communication is as important as oral communication. Pauses during a telephone conversations are taken for two reasons; One, pauses shows respect and consideration of the receivers' points and encourages the receiver to talk. Two, pauses helps you to recall information and respond appropriately to the questions. Pauses also help each other to reflect and comprehend that has been spoken during telephone conversation. It also shows that you have good listening skills.

If you do not know when to take a pause, just genuinely involve your heart into the conversation and you will take natural pauses intuitively and instinctively.

Put a Pleasing End
Whether the call is successful or not, ending the telephone call with same enthusiasm, energy and excitement determines the positive attitude of a person. Words and phrases such as "Thank you for your call", "I really enjoyed the conversation with you", shows the interest and positive acceptance during the telephone conversation. Also replace negative words with positive or neutral words and phrases.

Being a professional is one of the life roles almost all of us play in our life time. 9P mnemonic can add value to your professional role. Use this mnemonic 10P as a memory aid to recall some of the basic telephone etiquette tips before taking a customer service job interview.
For bot professional and personal life, etiquette plays a vital role. Here, whether you're a sales and/or customer service representative, or a call center agent, follow these simple etiquette tips to excel in your profession. This practice is one of the best ways to show empathy with customers over phone or chat.

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