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Aggressive Words, Phrases and Statements Examples

Here is a list of aggressive words, sentences, phrases and statements examples to avoid during conversations.

Intimate Words

Unless you know a person very well, or you have eligible relationship such as wife, son, daughter, use of intimate words like, "I love you", "May I know how much money you make", Or "May I know how old are you" can disturb your social relationships.
Obviously, the intimacy level differs from one person to another. Care should be taken to choose words, phrases, statements that are appropriate to the kind of relationship during conflict resolution.

Generalized Words

Examples of generalized words include all, everybody, nobody, everyone can bring conflict during an interaction. Replace generalized words with words like, "Almost", "Several", "As far as I know", "As per my knowledge", "One of the...", "Most of the..."
Instead of saying, "All politicians are corrupt", say, "Almost all politicians are corrupt", or, "Most of the politicians are corrupt"


Superlative adjectives like "Simple" or "Easy" is relative. Something that is simple to you may not be simple to the other.

When do you Avoid these Negative Words

Avoid these negative words when you're:

  1. Resolving intrapersonal conflicts
  2. persuade someone
  3. empathize or sympathize with someone
  4. build rapport
  5. narrate stories or anecdotes
  6. As a persuasive statement
  7. When you're introducing yourself
  8. As transition statements in speech
  9. As presentation attention getter
  10. While giving compliments
  11. During assertive communication
  12. When you like to say, "NO" politely
  13. Delivering persuasive presentation
  14. When you are giving feedback
Avoiding aggressive words is a skill, once you master, you can master any conversations.

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