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Rapport Building Questions Examples

Rapport Building Questions and Exclamations:

Asking powerful questions is one of the basics of verbal communication skills; it can bring variety and can make any conversation interesting. Here is a list of questions for sales professionals to build good rapport with their clients:
  • Did I answer all your questions and queries Mr. ____?

  • What an interesting statement you made, Ms. ____!
  • Is'nt that a great idea, Mr. ____?
  • Did you see how beneficial this product is especially for professionals like you, Ms, _____?
  • Are there any other good ideas that you like to share with me about your requirement about product?
  • How long have you been working on this buying decision? I'm sure it would have taken quite a lot of time. Is'nt it?
  • How beautiful! Where did you learn this stuff?

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