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List of Electromagnetic Spectrum Frequency Waves using Mnemonic Devices

List of 7 types of  Electromagnetic spectrum can be easily remembered using this simple acronym or mnemonic:

Real Monkeys Insist Very Useful Xmas Gifts

Electromagnetic Spectrum Mnemonic Examples List
Electromagnetic Spectrum Mnemonic Examples List
Easy Ways to Remember Electromagnetic Spectrum
Easy Ways to Remember Electromagnetic Spectrum

Here is a list of Mnemonics and acronyms for electromagnetic spectrum from external website sources:-

Radio Micro Infrared Visible Ultra-voilet X-rays Gamma
Real Monkeys Insist Very  Useful Xmas  Gifts
Roman  Men Invented  Very Unusual X-ray Guns
Randy Men Inject Viagra Until eXplosive Growth
Red Martians Invade Venus Using X-rays Guns


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