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Funny Onomatopoeia Sentences Examples - Figure of Speech

Use of figure of speech during verbal communication, part of effective interpersonal skill, proves that you are are using language effectively, especially when you are persuading someone, giving a speech presentation. Onomatopoeia is one such figure of speech that not only add color to your language but also bring fun elemen. From popular public speakers to storytellers, stand up comedians to voice over artists, Onomatopoeia is one of the figure of speeches/rhetorical techniques that is used to bring both humor and conversation tone to the speech. In fact, kids love Onomatopoeias; Onomatopoeia is used by joke writers and humorists.
Onomatopoeia Sentences, Statements Examples
Onomatopoeia Sentences, Statements Examples

What is Onomatopoeia?

Words that portray literal sound or the noise of an action. Most commonly used Onomatopoeia words include: Squash, Squeeze, Boom, Zoom, screech, vroom etc...

List of examples of simple common funny onomatopoeia sentences and statements used in everyday life situations:

  • I squeezed the sauce bottle but in vain.
  • The actor vroomed his motorbike across his lover.
  • While I was driving on a highway, suddenly the car on my right side went out of control to hit my car, I screeched by applying brakes. Thank god, I was saved.
  • The photographer zoomed the camera close the insect to catch that precious moment.
  • While I teaching how to solve a mathematical problem, two of my other friends were giggling.
  • I could stop my hiccups while I was driving the car.
  • I was coughing all night. My wife suggested me to gargle with salt water and it worked.
  • The buzzing of bees kept me awake all night.
  • The dog barked at me. I did nothing and after a while the dog didn't care
  • I sniffed the scent. It smells like jasmine.

You can find onomatopoeia in action sounds such as bang, zip, zoom, and clap, animal sounds such as bark, peep, sniff, tweet and meow, or expletives such as ahem, aha, ohoh, guffaw, er, em, uhn and objects are named after their sounds such as whistle, sea saw, squash, clunker, choo choo and clogs to name a few

Teaching Onomatopoeia: Three Different Ways to Teach Onomatopoeia:-

  • Watch cartoon shows to notice onomatopoeia and repeat them.
  • Imitate the sounds of actions that you hear around you. The sound of refrigerator, the sound of wind, the sound of rocking chair etc...
  • Take a note every time you come across onomatopoeia either while watching television or listening to speeches that use onomatopoeia and use them in your speech.

Difference Between (Vs)

Difference Between 
Onomatopoeia Alliteration Interjections Idiophone Personification
The action and the sound of the words will be similar. Example: you’ll hear the word “squeeze”, when you’re performing the action, squeeze. These are just similar sounding words. Example: She sells, sea shells on the sea shore. Unlike onomatopoeia, which are actions, Interjections are expressions of human communication. Example: Waw, er, well, bravo Unlike Onomatopoeia, sound created by humans, Idiophone sounds are created by any musical instrument. Personification is giving life to non-living things. Example, look at my bag, he is so beautiful

Onomatopoeia Video Example

Use Onomatopoeia in Everyday Life Situations

Here is a list of situations you can use this figure of speech when you like to:
  • Empathize with someone
  • Persuade someone
  • Give/receive compliments
  • Give/receive Feedback
  • Communicate Assertively
  • Say, "No" politely
  • Deliver a Persuasive Presentation
  • Narrate anecdotes
  • Build Rapport
  • use as transitions during a presentation
  • use it as an attention getter during a speech.

Like anecdotes, pun, procatalepsis, zeugma, paradox, and irony, onomatopoeia is yet another figure of speech that is commonly used to bring humor into the language. However, it can also be used to bring other tone such as thriller, adventure and horror emotions. These rhetorical devices are quite useful especially for life coaches, keynote and public speakers. With a mix of language skill and prosody you can make onomatopoeia very effective.

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